Strawberry Hill

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Strawberry Hill, a fine example of goth architecture

Strawberry Hill, a place in England right near Strawberry Fields. Some people would say that it is one of the most important examples of goth architecture in the seventeenth century, but they are mostly a bunch of scholar-types and are all WRONG. Its actually a big Hill made of strawberries and is the place where strawberries were invented by the Earl of Strawberry in the year 1755.

Prime Minister Wallpole decided to build a house here on top of all the strawberries so that he could eat them every day. Also, strawberries are an excellent foundation material to build houses on. He decided to build it in the gothic style, because he was very into goth music. He basically went round stealing ideas from every castle, abbey and building in Europe that it was so mixed up, weird and ridiculous that it was called picturesque, and led to the Goth-chick revival of the nineteenth century, so he really has a lot to answer for. It was also unique in its construction methods, using paper mache instead of the usual practice of using masonry, wood and what have you. This means that the house often blows away.