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The strigoi (or moroi) is the Romanian term for the undead vampire which comes to haunt and hunt the living, usually it's relatives. It is supposed to drain the life from it's victims by sucking their blood. This paranormal phenomenon is present in parts of Oltenia (south-western Romania) where backwards people from the country frequently fall victim to such evil spirits.

A caved-in grave, the reluctance of a horse to leap over it or a small hole near the cross are considered sure signs that the deceased has come back from the dead (s-a strigoit). Sometimes people see the deceased walking through the village and try talking to he or she but they usually wet their pants when they realize that he or she is a ghost. There is only one way to destroy the strigoi. The body of the deceased must be exhumed on midnight on a moonless night. A priest should also be present to spray the body in holy water (aghiasma) which paralizes the undead and prevents it from attacking those present. You must then cut open it's chest and pull out the heart which must be immediately burned at a crossroads. The ashes are then mixed with fresh fountain water and drank by those present.

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