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Strip bars are the latest commercial development craze after strip malls, motivated by the massive resurgence in the popularity of alcohol after the world failed to end on schedule in 1999. Located on major urban thoroughfares, strip bars contain a dozen or more bars in a row in a single large building with ample parking in front of it. For variety each bar has some different colorful ethnic theme such as Macedonian or Manhattan, although all serve the exact same menu of drinks under different names.

Alternatively, Strip Bars are the kind of establishment where stock brokers wind down with a nice glass of cold milk, reading their favourite comic strip. The upscale Strip Bar will stock a variety of comics, milk and cookies.


Many strip bars will offer games such as strip poker, which considered an excellent way for parents to get in touch with their kids, and also sell comic books and pr0n to make extra money. Since there is so much clean entertainment, strip bars are seen as a place for parents to take their children to keep them from huffing kittens.