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A typical strobe light in operation.

A strobe light is a type of light that blinks on and off constantly and rapidly.


Strobe lights have a variety of purposes. Most commonly, they are used to entice Oscar Wilde into forgetting about his experience in trying to lure two bisexual women (of note: he discovered the Cat-Toast Device this way). However, strobe lights also have a number of darker uses. I debate this personally seeing as a light can't be dark, but a strobe light manages to be dark about half the time due to Whale Blowhole Power Plants. The most obvious would be to use it to induce Help development, originally created by George Clooney in 1976 after doing a whole lot of ectasy. To those who have epilepsy, strobe lights can be extremely loving and tender and often make for great, lasting relationships. Emitting specialized waves which cause the brains (omg for the lose) to violate the precious, tasty laws of Newton's Rmodynamics.

Strobe lighting for entertainment purposes[edit]

Strobe lighting is a special effect technique utilised by film makers and fairground ride designers to induce epileptic fits in those who gaze into their loving eyes.

These fits effectively enhance their viewing experience by inducing further seziures and possibly rendering the viewer comatose.

Not only does this help the viewer to further enjoy the spectacle in question, it also brings great joy and amusement to those around them.

Strobe lighting for life[edit]

In recent years, the positive effects of strobe lighting have developed as more than just a lighting effect, but a way of life, spawning a cult movement of those who enjoy the pleasures of this, who go by the name of the Teenage Fanclub. They are a strictly 'no timewasters and no teenagers' organisation.