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Stuart Dew is an Australia football player. He is also fat. He also sweats when he eats.

On 8th November 2006, Stuart Dew announced that he is leaving the Port Adelaide Football Club to join Teresa in the US saying that he has lost his passion for the game. Unfortunately for Stuart, he is yet to realise what a massive mistake this is. He is currently at the prime of his football career where he can earn a very large amount of money and most likely, more money than he will ever earn in his life.

But there is a bigger issue. Stuart is 27 years old while Teresa is only 21 and as she is on the verge of a very successful acting career in Hollywood, there is little chance that their relationship will survive. Stuart needs to realise that his time is up. Teresa, being only 21, will no doubt want to date a variety of different people as her acting career flourishes and no matter what Stuart does, he will not be able to prevent that.

The same thing happened when the career of Holly Valance took off. Her boyfriend of over four years tried everything he could think of to alter his life to ensure they stayed together but it did not work as it never does in this type of situation. Teresa, like Holly, has so many exciting years ahead of her, with so many amazing possibilities that being tied down to one man is the last thing she would want.

The best thing Stuart Dew can do is to keep playing football and let Teresa go. Stuart can then continue to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars while Teresa can continue to forge her acting career. Then, in a few years time, once Teresa is older and Stuart's AFL career has finished, they may have a chance to get back together once she has experienced more in life and dated other men.

If Stuart Dew is a true man, this is the path he will take rather than chasing Teresa around the world like a love sick puppy.