Stuart Little

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Stuart Little
A Stuart Little promotional poster from 1999, Showing Hugh Laurie as the insane Professor Little.
Directed by Stephen Fry
Written by Oscar Wilde
Starring Hugh Laurie
Produced by Stephen Fry
Distributed by Warner Brothers
Release date 4th June 1999
Runtime 190 Minutes
Language English
Budget $22 Million
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Stuart Little is a film series about an American meglomaniac professor, Professor Stuart Little, played by British actor Hugh Laurie. Little is a normal scientist who when his fellow scientists leave out of protest Little finds himself alone, with a colony of rats. The rats and Little go through many a year of experimentation before finally Little finishes work on creating an extensive rat army. With this army he plans to take revenge on his ex-collegues from his dark, dank cave dungeon, and in turn, take over the world.

The Box Office[edit]

The first "Start Little" film was a phenominal hit when it was released in 1999, especially in Laurie's home country Britain where all his work is praised with upmost reverance. In America the psychological thriller aspect confused many citizens, but was praised by critics who saw it as a turning point for the genre. In Britain the film took £28 Million (the equivalent to about $368 Billion) in it's first week, and continued like this for several more weeks after release, whereas in america the film wildly fluctuated from state to state taking $3.57 in Alaska and a astonishing $72 Million in California alone (though this is probably due to thousands of those in California having worked on the film).

The Characters[edit]

  • Prof. Little -

The main character of the film, played by Hugh Laurie.

  • Stuart Little -

Escaped inmate at Guantanamo Bay, the pen name of Osama bin Laden, played by Michael J. Fox

  • Kathy Summers-(Collegue #1),

Little's Love interest Played by Natalie Portman.

  • Norman Bacon - Collegue #2),

Who convinces all the others to pack up and leave. Played by Sam Neill.

  • Charis Peacock - (Collegue #3),

The colleague who agrees, he is married with 4 children. Played by Oscar Wilde.

  • Marty Zaff - (Collegue #4),

Prof. Little's Scottish Son, big into motorcycles. Played by Ewan McGregor.

  • President Norman Wise -The World President,

Who shouts "Nooooooo!" very loudly over the video phone at the U.N. Played by Clint Eastwood

  • Seth - (the neighbor),

The Little family's neighbor. He is a Canadian immigrant and a stoner. Played by Seth Rogen

  • Sam and Tod -"The Brothers"

Two hacker brothers from the north of England who help Prof. Little. Played by Ant & Dec.