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Catherine the Great loved a good stud
Today's Stud.. Randy Orton


1330-569-4864= A stud (not to be confused with the stud-muffin) is a sex machine. That's right, a stud is young man who is able, upon pain of death, to clinically prove that he has slept with or "fooled around significantly" with over 4,000 women. Originally derived from Latin and Greek roots, the word has morphed from its first meaning, 'fish with three horns,' over a period of seven thousand years.

Lads claiming to be studs are as common as drops of water in the Brazillian Rain Forest. Each of course is the President of his own fan club. You know the type, always bragging about how he rocked "so-and-so's". "Yeah, I had her coming like the trains in Chain, often and on time." There is only one real Stud.

Stud's are easily identified by virtue of a simple test: Do they really know what six inches looks like on a ruler. If they fail the test, then it is impossible for them to take reliable anatomical measurements and unlikely that they can figure out how to work the clasp on a bra.

Separating the real studs from the wannabes is no small task, so a special device known as a stud finder has been devised and added to most tool boxes to facilitate this effort.

Becoming a stud involves a gruelling training regimen which includes spending an entire winter as a snow tyre in New Brunswick, Canada. Very few survive this ordeal but those who do, like old horses put out to pasture after too long on the road, get the right to call themselves 'stud'.