Subtopical Storm Angela

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Subtopical Storm Angela
Formed May 9, 2007
Dissipated May 11, 2007
Highest winds 95 km/h (??? m/s)
Lowest pressure 1001 mBar (1,042,048 WikiBars)
Damages Jimbo Wales' Cottage
Fatalities 5 Articles
Areas affected Wikipedia, Wikisource
Part of the
2007 Wikipedia hurricane season

Subtopical Storm Angela was the first named storm and first subtopical storm of the 2007 Wikipedia hurricane season (if one excludes 'Storm Pre-Alpha', 'Storm Alpha' and 'Storm Beta'/'Storm Beta 2'). It developed out of a previously non-tropical low on May 9 about 1 km (0.?? miles) off the coast of Wikisource, three weeks before the start of the season as defined by President Jimbo Wales. After encountering wet air, hot wind and sexy drug boats, Angela weakened to a subtopical depression on May 10 while remaining nearly stationary near Wikipedia, and early on May 11 the Wikipedia Avionic Weather Agency discontinued advisories due to lack of observational equipment around Jimbo Wales' cottage. The storm produced rough surf along the coastline of Wikipedia from Jimbo's cottage to North Wikilinia, causing article erosion and some damage. Five articles were destroyed as a result of the storm.

Angela was the first pre-season storm to develop since Tropical Storm Alfred in April 2001, around the time of Wikiland's founding.

Storm History[edit]

The storm track of Angela.

In early May, an upper level storm system dropped southward through the Wikipedian Ocean off the coast of Wikisource, forcing a back door hacker to lose concentration on the island. For several days, forecast models by the WAWA had anticipated for the storm to evolve into a closed high pressure area, then into an open low pressure area with a closed eye. On May 6, a frontal low with a large and well-defined circulation developed about 14 km (? miles) east of Cape Constitution of Wikisource. The low maintained controlled convection around its center, and in conjunction with whale hunters in the area letting off excessive exhaust, gained strength over the day. The extratopical storm tracked southeastward and later turned to the southwest towards Wikipedia, and steadily deepened; on May 7 it attained hurricane force winds, yet, despite this, WAWA did not make this a hurricane due to lack of personnel during night hours

The WAWA first mentioned the possibility of tropical cyclogenesis on the morning of May 8 while about 370 km (??? miles) east-southeast of the South Wikilinia coastline. Its associated convection oven effects had steadily increased as it tracked slowly westward at 8–16 kmh (?-? m/s). The system changed little throughout the day, though, by the following morning. WAWA hurricane specialists (aka Tom Mayfair's Gang of Hurricane Gurus) indicated the low was acquiring subtopical characteristics as it tracked over progressively warmer waters in the Eastern Wikipe-tan. Early on May 9, a Hurricane Hunters 'The Citation Needed' flight into the system revealed winds of 70 km/h (?? m/s) and a round thermal core, which indicated the system was neither warm or cold, it was just right. In addition, satellite imagery indicated that the center of the system was colored red while the exterior portions were colored blue, as well as hints of yellow and green, meaning lots of rain. Based on the observations and the hybrid structure of the system, the WAWA classified the low as Subtopical Storm Angela at 3:00 PM EDT on May 9 about 240 km (??? m) northeast of Jimbo Wales' cottage. During a subsequent analysis of the storm, researchers estimated the storm transitioned into a hurricane twelve hours earlier, but nobody cared.

Upon first becoming a subtopical cyclone/hurricane/storm/typhoon, Angela was embedded within a large, nearly stationary deep-layer of clouds, resulting in a westward movement. Drifting over sea surface temperatures of no more than 250º C, the organization of the system deteriorated with a significant increase in convection; by early on May 10 much of the weather had been toasted to a crisp, raining down crusty black raindrops. Additionally, the center of circulation had become disorganized, with several small cloud swirls within the larger circulation. This disorganization of the center, combined with decreasing winds and crusty air suppressing further convection, caused it to begin weakening later that morning near the coast of Wikipedia. By 3:00 PM EDT on May 10, only a few thunderstorms remained near the south-southeast-south, and thus the WAWA downgraded Angela to subtropical depression status. Though a few intermittent thunderstorms persisted over Wikipedia, it was disorganized and weak; having been without significant deep convection for 18 hours, only causing minor shingle damage on Jimbo's cottage. The WAWA discontinued advisories early on May 11 due to lack of funding and observational equipment on Jimbo's territory. Later that day, convection again re-fired over the center as it drifted south-southeastward away from Wikipedia, though it lacked sufficient organization to qualify it as a tropical cyclone, despite Tom Mayfair threatening WAWA that it was. As the remnants of Angela continued on, it merged with a storm system that provided rain to China.


Even though Angela had the possibility of turning into a hurricane, preparations were minimal in Wikiland, namely Wikisource and Wikipedia. High Surf Advisories were issued on the eastern coast of Wikipedia, which prompted surf-crazy Wikipedians to flock near Jimbo's cottage and North Wikilinia, which created the '2007 Angela Surf Competition'. Angela, ironically, won the competition.


Angela was a weak storm, but it caused a deal of damage in various locations along the eastern Wikipedia coastline and minor damage in southeastern Wikisource. The southeastern beaches of Wikisource were closed for a period of time, preventing access to the Wikisource beach rules source codes.

In Wikipedia, shingles were blown off on Jimbo Wales' cottage. After hearing of this, President Wales quickly flocked to his cottage and made a speech, demanding $50,000 from tax-payers for damage repairs. Additionally, 5 articles were destroyed due to crapflood levels caused by Angela. Restoration efforts of the articles would've cost $10 million (USD) ($10 million (CAN)), but this was turned down by The Wikipedia Parliament. A 'donation drive' was used to restore such locations as The Wikimedia Foundation.

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