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جمهورية السودان
United (Un)Democratic Republic Of Sudan
Flag of the Sudan Coat of Arms of the Sudan
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: "Long Live Megat"
Anthem: "I Bless The Rain Down In Africa"
Sudan is a very happy place.
Capital Megatville
Largest city Megat Zulkarnain House
Official languages Megatish(a mix of Megat and english)
God Emperor Prime Minister President Superior General Colonel Megat Farhad Putra
National Heroes Najib Razak,Martin Uzair,Rosmah Mansor and Jeffrey Epstein
Independence I dont Know You see...
Currency V-Bucks,Sand,Fidget Spinners,AK-47,Megatbuck(basiclly worthless),Robux and Rosmah diamonds
Religion Martinism(50%),Megatism(20%),The Church Of Najib(20%) and The Temple Of Sand Worship(10%)
Population 90000000(before Megat Ate Half Of The Population)Now=its 45000000

Sudan is a broke ass country where people die much older than they do in the Malaysia. Adding insult to injury, their lives up to that point are generally much less fun than anyone else's. Although the weather is fairly nice, compared to, say, Kelantan, the lack of People,Spotify Premiums and Netflix Subscription makes this seem like a cruel joke of the gods. Most of the people living in the country are Megaters.


Sudan is Sudan was known for being a prime spot for collecting farm equipment, until the release of M.C. Megat Zulkarnain's #1 album, Free my People,Wankers. This lead M.C. Megat Zulkarnain to become an instant billionaire, collecting large amounts of cash in the process. M.C. Megat Zulkarnain soon released a second album, entitled Malaysia 1,Kelantan 0. Though not as popular or entertaining as his first, he nevertheless collected large sums of cash.

Whilst working on his third album, M.C. Meaat Zulkarnain freaked out and moved to Africa, for no reason whatsoever. He is said to have moved to Chad, and because of his immense popularity, America was forced to pull out of the farm equipment trade, fearing they might accidentally harvest one of the many similar looking Farm tools.SUDAN IS JUST A BROKE ASS PIECE OF SHIT WHICH IS AND POOR THEY WORSHIP MEGAT FELLOW MALAYSIAN FAT PRIIK WIT NO LYF

there are 3 well known tribes juba nuba wow!! BY ANWAR IBRAHIM


Are you kidding? No Im not


Lions, tigers, black people, occasional kidnapped white,rainbow and Megatblack person, Monkey, Anrikay(also a monkey) ...pretty much any thing you can see at a zoo, minus the kangaroos...those live in Australia...

Animals are beautiful


... if you send them salts a day, you could give them an AK 47, and they will learn what a market is... to be enslaved again! 'cause who doesn't want a new pair of shiny adi sneakers?


Sudan is a chief exporter of sand, Robux,1MDB, and the patented Sudanese diet plan. and also lets not forget children you must adopt, or that crazy Martinism guy will throw you a guilt trip for not sending money to these " wonderful children" for just 20 Robux a day, and you could send this child here named (click click mmm oip click) and give it an education... or you could not waste your money....


Darfur is a hidden paradise located away from the rest of Africa like Wakanda. It is a happy place full of rainbows and care bears. It rains gumdrops in Darfur and the mountains there are made of ice cream and sprinkles. People in that region live the most peaceful happy lives that the literacy rate there is 10000000%. Such a paradise was the brainchild of a kind man named named Aliff Luqman who felt sorry all the starving black Sudanese people. So he RAPED those poor starving black Africans by Rape Army that drop AIDS in the middle of happy villagers. Then he sent handsome young Janjaweed horseman with AKs that pelt jellybeans and gumdrops into peoples mouths. These charming young handsome Janjaweed knights would sweep all the women of Darfur off their feets and everyone of them wanted to merry them. Don't listen to all those lies you hear about Darfur being a shit-hole were people are being raped and pillaged. Those are just lies to keep away all the imperialists along with their HIV infected robot zombies.