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Flag.gif Sugarbeetworldcoatofarms.png
Flag Coat of arms
Official name Sugarbeetworld
National motto You ain't beet till you're sugarbeet
Official language Emo, Elvish, English
Capital (administrative) Natsjoki
Capital (prostitutive) Neverland Ranch
National anthem The Sugar Beat
National games Sugar Beating
Average temperature 24°C
Maximum temperature 32°C
Established 1723 BC
Ethnic groups Emos, Mehmets, Koveros and Hattiwattis.
Religion Koverism, Flying Spaghetti Monsterism
King Pol Kristopher I
Prime Minister Uusis
Currency Sugar and spice
Time zones CET +-10
Exports Ego and Hair
Imports Illegal Immigrants.
Pol Kristopher I


There is no reliable confirmation of the exact location of Sugarbeetworld, but there are rumours that it's hidden somewhere near Russia. We can conclude some facts from the country's name, because sugarbeets only grow in wet, hot and fertile ground. Now we've got a conflict with these "facts" cause Russia and its neighbourhood are filled with cold and barren ground. Maybe Sugarbeetworld is an ancient region and there was a tropical area before the changes in climate. Or maybe it's now buried under the sea like New York will be tomorrow..

Species and their society[edit]

There are several lost and unknown species and strange beasts living in Sugarbeetworld. Most common races are Emo sexuals, Mehmets, Koveros and Hattiwattis. But because of changes in climate the sugarbeets have grown bigger these days. Most of them are still immobile but some of them live and fuck like a beast.

  • There appears to be some serious racism against the Mehmets because they like to build kebab restaurants.
  • Most of the hattiwattis are occupied as prostitutes.
  • The Government mostly consists of Koveros.
  • Emo sexuals usually do the entertaining and run the TV stations.


Sugarbeetworld's culture is so colorful that You'll need sunglasses to look at it. The food is great (kebab, pizza, spaghetti, etc.) There are some religious holidays and the national day is 29.2 in beetian calendar. The biggest party of the year is probably the birthday party of Uusis, the prime minister. The party consists of people joining to a parade wearing their swimsuits yelling "OU BÈIBE BÊIBEE! HAPA AND UUSIS RULE!" but nobody knows why. Music is also a big part of Sugarbeetworld's culture. The people like to listen to bands that a person with an IQ over 45 would never listen to (see: Paramore).


Sugarbeetworld was founded in 1723 by Optimus Prime when he landed to earth. His motherboard broke when he met a few preEmo sexuals eating "bukkabananas" and "goatsepie", two very exotic fruits of Sugarbeetworld. Optimus Prime had to reboot and ran away. Some years later, during the civil war of Goabraltar, a little island full of greasy people, Pol was sent to Sugarbeetworld. Pol was 3-year old fat and myopic boy. Pre-emo sexuals helped Paolo by giving him some food, but Pol preferred living alone. When Pol was ten years old, he met Hapa, another person from a far-away land. Pol and Hapa became sexual tyrants and oppressed Mehmets and hattiwattis. Koveros started a war against Pol and Hapa in 1735. The war goes by the name "The Eskowar". Koveros were afraid of Hapa, and they moved to the north, where they now live peacefully with the Aslaks. The reign of Pol and Hapa (1735-1760) ended in a mehmet revolution, during which Hapa was exiled. The mehmets captured Pol, who is still being held captive.

But in 1790, Pol's evil sugarbeetseeds started to evolve with Pol II as their commander. Pol II started another revolution to conquer his father's throne back. Revolution number nine lasted for 10 years and finally, in 1800 Pol II was the leader of the country. In 1802 Pol (the first) died and Paolo II became depressed. He went to the great mountain, Mt. Kaaka to angst and never came back. In 1803 the Sugarbeets took control of the country (former Pol-o-landia) and changed the name back to Sugarbeetworld. Sugarbeets had reigned for centuries, but now Pol Kristopher I has reconquered the throne in election.

“Only the ever wobbly fats shall overcome the witness and the professionalism of the King. Only the King can block the sun with his fatness. Only the King knows the real meaning of true.”

~ A Minister on King of Sugarbeetworld

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