Sultan XXXII

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Sultan XXXII was the Sultan of Saudi Arabia before Sultan XXXIII, whom he was the father of.


As a child, XXXII, as he was called, did not go to school but instead learned from a private tutor, whom he did not like. He learned from this teacher until age 18, when he ordered his bodyguards to behead her. And they did so. XXXII then ordered his guards to murder his father and mother, and they did so as well. Now that he was in control of the royal house, he became Sultan.

He was a terrible sultan. He forced his people to build temples in his honor. Becuase of this, God got anrgy, and punished the sultan by unleashing locusts on his people. The sultan did not care. Then God got even more angry. He sent Megatron down to Earth, who blew the sultan into ablivion. So ended his evil reign.

Preceded by:
Sultan XXXI
Sultan of Saudi Arabia
1925 - 1967
Succeeded by:
Mark Knopfler