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Welcome to Sunnydale, indeed!

Sunnydale is a top secret government research facility in California in which military-industrial complex scientists, under the auspices of a program code-named The Initiative, attempted (and may yet be attempting, somewhere else) to create a new species of human beings called "Subhumans," which are combinations of machines and humans (or cyborgs) and extraterrestrial beings (whom the scientists jokingly called demons or vampires).

As a cover for their operation, The Initiative claimed that their facility, which was also an active, operating town, and its surrounding suburban "bedroom community," were built by a centuries-old mayor, Richard Wilkins, as a "feeding ground" for the demons, vampires, and other "monsters" who escape occasionally from the gateway to hell, the "Hellmouth," that is said to lie below the high school library. The mayor, they claimed, hoped that the "demons" would one day repay his kindness to them by allowing him to ascend to "pure demon" status. However, he was to meet, instead, with an untimely death at the hands of his (and The Initiative's) nemesis, a paranoid schizophrenic young woman named Buffy Summers, who fancied herself a supernatural "vampire slayer."


Located in southern California (no one will say exactly where), the facility resembled, in part:

It is believed that the incorporation of so many incorporated communities' features in one "town" was a deliberate ploy that was intended to confuse the residents of the facility and anyone who visits it, as were The Initiative's later additions to the facility.


Initially, Sunnydale was a small town, similar to Stephen King's fictional towns (Jerusalem's Lot, Castle Rock, and Derry, which he designed, in turn, based on H. P. Lovecraft's fictional villages, Dunwich, Innsmouth, and Arkham).

Originally, Sunnydale had a population of 38,500, a high school, 43 churches, a small private college, one-block-long main street, and 12 cemeteries, one of which provided access through a tomb to The Initiative's underground laboratory complex.

Over time, as more and more human cadavers and extraterrestrials were needed to construct the Subhumans, The Initiative developed their facility's infrastructure, adding a campus of the University of California system, a train station, a bus station, an airport, and the Pacific Ocean. Soon, some of the biggest bands in the rock and roll business, including Dingos Ate My Babies, were playing Sunnydale, despite its absence on any map, although, for the most part, country musicians tended to avoid the place.

The facility attracted a large contingent of lesbian "witches" (actually feminists) which The Initiative used in their experiments whenever other, more suitable freaks were unavailable.


According to propaganda disseminated by The Initiave in an early disinformation campaign, Sunnydale was founded by Mayor Wilikins in the latter half of the 19th century as "a feeding ground" for the "demons" who lived in the area at the time.

Chumash Indians tried to live in peaceful coexistence with the settlers, but they were driven off by a gang of motorcyclists calling themselves the Hell's Angels.

By the last decade of the 20th century, with Wilkins still the "town's" mayor, Sunnydale resembled many other small California coastal cities, and its supposed history was largely forgotten. The mayor ordered the police chief and the high school principal to suppress any reports of alleged "supernatural" (i. e., extraterrestrial) activity.

From the mayor's point of view, all was well in Sunnydale. Then, in 1997, Buffy Summers arrived in town, having been expelled from a high school in Los Angeles after burning down the school's gymnasium in a fight, she said, with "vampires."

Rise in Delinquency[edit]

Buffy led a street gang, the Scoobies, consisting of the adult pedophile Rupert Giles, who had a penchant for anal sex; teenage toughs Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg, whose street name was Dildo; and various others, attacking and killing people, including the assistant mayor, who were "different." They pretended to take the town's cover story seriously, which Giles uncovered among the documents in the high school library over which he, as its librarian, had charge.

Dildo kissing Tara (included in this article for the same reason that the characters appear in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as an excuse to show two girls kissing)

Buffy, who was already mentally ill when she arrived in town and was briefly institutionalized, believed that the so-called demons and vampires were really homosexuals who, as such, should be killed on sight, under the pretense that, in "slaying" them, she and her gang were, in reality, dispatching vampires and other supernatural undesirables. (Later, when Dildo met Tara Mustplay, a lesbian witch, Buffy allowed the couple to remain in Sunnydale and even to live in her house after Buffy killed her mother, Joyce Summers, provided that they didn't practice their lesbian "magic" in front of her or her imaginary sister, Dawn).

The Scoobies' nemeses was another street gang, the Vampires, consisting of Angel, Spike, Drusilla, and others, whom Buffy accused of being "bloodsucking freaks." They fought on many occasions, and the town experienced a sharp, sudden rise in juvenile delinquency, which Principal Snyder attributed to Buffy Summers. He tried many times to expel Buffy from school, but Giles interfered, threatening to kill the principal if he followed through on his threats, and, finally, the mayor, a cannibal, tired of Snyder's incompetence, ate him during the commencement exercises at Sunnydale High.

The Intitaive's Mission[edit]

Dr. Walsh and an Army commando, Riley Finn (no relation to Huckleberry the Finn)

The Initiative, which began operations in 1940, was formed to conduct medical experiments on captured extraterrestrial entities whom, as a cover story, they pretended to believe were actually demons and other monsters that had escaped from a subterranean "Hellmouth." The program was headed by University of California's Dr. Margaret ("Maggie") Walsh and was protected by a special U. S. Army unit which included Riley Finn. Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia of Secret Government Conspiracies, Supernatural Phenomena, and Bedtime Stories for Naughty Children, wrote a supposedly "true" account of The Initiative's method of subjecting the extraterestrial research subjects:

Under her direction, military commandos captured and studied werewolves, demons, vampires and other supernatural creatures for the covert U.S. government operation. The Initiative is able to experiment on these creatures by denying them food until the point of near-starvation, and then providing them with drugged meals; once the creature is unconscious, the soldiers can safely begin their experimentation.

Destruction of Sunnydale[edit]

Typical resident.

The Initiative, after circumcising the "new man" whom they'd created from extraterrestrial, human, and machine parts, kidnapped a Roman Catholic priest to christen their creation Adam, because he was to be the first of a new race, the Subhumans designed to be a highly advanced version of boy scouts. However, the psychotic Buffy and her gang penetrated The Initiative after Buffy stumbled upon its existence as a result of having attended UC Sunnydale for a semester and becoming the paramour of Finn (not to be confused with Huckleberry the Finn), who was pretending to be Dr. Walsh's graduate student, and she and the Scoobies destroyed Adam and The Initiative's underground labs. As a result, The Initiative's labs were closed, although Sunnydale itself continued to exist until Buffy and her gang destroyed it as well in an explosion similar to those that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Thereafter, Buffy left what had been Sunnydale for parts unknown. Xander is believed to have gone to Africa, and Dildo ran off with a lesbian gang member, Kennedy, to Rio de Janiero, Brazil, because, as she confided to Buffy, the city has "a girly name."