Super Bowl XL

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Not pictured: Saddam Hussein's ass.

Super Bowl XL was an athletic contest to determine the champions of the National Football League, a professional American football league. The Steelers defeated the Seahawks 21-10 in a game best remembered for horrible officiating.

The most egregious call occurred when Jerramy Stevens got an erection, but the refs ruled it a fumble, so Pittsburgh had the ball. Then Big Ben ran close to the end zone, but instant replays showed his dick touched Saddam Hussein's ass, so they ruled it a TD anyway.

The referees sucked all throughout the game, so the NFL hired Adolf Hitler to do the bang bang and the bam bam and shoot shoot on the refs.

The game is also remembered for the halftime performance by the Rolling Stones. A wardrobe malfunction similar to the infamous Janet Jackson incident had been planned, but was called off when network executives hired a sniper and warned Mick Jagger and Keith Richards that they would be shot immediately if the wardrobe malfuntion occurred.

Burger King wasted $2.5 million pesos on a lame commercial.

Peyton Manning smoked a big, fat blunt on the sideline while Mike Ditka did a drive-by shooting on the Bear bus.