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Super Cat is dangerous when he's himself. Do you want him to be himself? Do you want him to shoot people? Do you know you are people? Do you know if you aren't people right now, you could be people in future? Do you know there's nothing you can do to stop your becoming people in future without notice? Would you still want dangerous Super Cat to be around (you) then? You can avoid all this by buying one album of his, just one. Don't wait!


Chorus (apache / luciano)
I know a place where we can go - and i know a place to be free
And i know a place where we can go - lets unite and live in love and intiy
Calling out to ya - calling out to the highest father
Calling out to ya - to mek every man come live together
Super Cat is diverse
He is half Indian
Verse (luciano)
In this world of uncertainty
All we've got is you and me
There's no need for hostility
Lets unite and live in love and intiy
Say brothers and sisters
No matter what denomination
No matter the class or the creed
And no matter your nation
It's one god one aim one destiny
One universe oh can't you see
Come along lets unite
Lets unite and live in love and intiy
Verse (apache)
Say whether african - or whether indian
Remember rastafari say the whole of we are one
Say whether you be black or white or whether your be brown
Say i and i come me come here so fe mek you settle down
With the love - ina me heart
And the voice - from a me thought
With the words - from me mouth
Hear the rastafari shout
Put up your hands if you love Apache!
Me say peace and love - come mek we spread it about
Me no wan no hear no war from east - west down to south
East and west uno better come together gether
Remember say the whole of we a brother brother brother
Easy luciano from you are the messenger!
The two of we together have fe set the order
Chorus - (apache / luciano)
Calling out to ya - calling out to the highest father
Calling out to ya - to mek every man come live together
I know a place where we can go - and i know a place to be free
And i know a place where we can go -lets unite and live in love and inity[1]


For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Super Cat.

Super Cat was born William Maragh but lives Super Cat. He will die Wild Apache. No one really knows when William Margagh transmporhoproppagated to the cool and hip Super Cat, least of all Super Cat himself, but once when Junior Cat (born Junior Cat), his junior brother, was hallucinating childhood events, high on ganja, he reminisced:

Cquote1.png Onz mi n my brada waz playin marblez mon whnz wihllen bot a kat and put id in da gote curry andz dem puzzy shoot da bom fire mon. And in da spot Mr. Cat an Johnny Puffy up there, mi say she want da milk, she want da milk, she want da milk brada, she want the milk man. The possie lands on Willy's lap n she says, "Catch, you are my one and my only," mi sez, "Dontcha dare touch my brada" and no ones be listenin to me mon da pussie kizz Willy and he get em claptrap cataract. mons cataract now, fer goood and we no Jah don like no surjary on dem boi mon so we juz change hiz name Cataract Mugga latrz Cat O Jo den Cat to Suppercat to Super Cat... Cquote2.png

Junior's narration was immediately recorded as a studio was hastily setup around him. Super Cat featured in it.

Taj Mahal
One of Super Cat's several wives.

Although few understood Junior's Jamaican patois, his record was an instant hit and made it to the Billboard Topmost of top Charts for 1985. The song, christened, Dolly my Sheep, is considered one of the best Reggae ballads expressing the love of a man for his woman (called Dolly and affectionately addressed with terms of endearments like sheep, my sheep, mah cutesy cutesy sheep and my sweaty sweet sheep in the song).

"Dolly my sheep" riddim[2] has been ripped (leeched, sporked, plagiarized -- offences in all spheres except in the world of Reggae; Jah's followers do not consider knowledge proprietary; they consider it wikipottery) by countless artistes in an obvious testament to the popularity of the song.

Super Cat was born in Kingston-Jamaica when his mother begat him in 1967.

Evolution of Duncehall[edit]

Police chase away dunces from Jamaican studios while recording is in progress - 1979. They had become a pest for renowned studios then.

Super Cat became be an errand boy to renowned Reggae artists of the time, Stevie Wonder & Oprah Winfrey. Impressed with his skills at chatting while simultaneously beating a tin drum, they glorified him with the title, Ass-inztant Manager, but they wouldn't let him sing or beat his drum while they recorded. In fact those were formative years for Super Cat (till this point still known as Cataract because of the STD, cataract, he had contracted in his junior eye during childhood) which would greatly influence the Duncehall movement he later pioneered (also called Dumbass movement -- an obvious influence of the ass-inztant title from earlier).

Frustrated, Super Cat moved to Birmingham, Jamaica -- a poor, working class area inhabited mostly by Jamaican and some Indian immigrants who had migrated to build the Jamaican railroad -- and started calling himself Super Cat (Super Cat adopts the Super Cat sobriquet at this stage in his career). He took his chat and drum to various recording studios but none would give him airplay. All rejected his application with the same terse comments - You already seem to have a drum to play with. You are welcome to re-apply when you can sing with just air to play with. Sorry.

However, the supremely talented and childhoodly prodigious Super Cat persevered and was joined by similar chatters, with different types of drums: trash cans, used beer cans, bomb shells; all looking for the elusive break. The major recording studios collected all these pushy aspirants who wouldn't take no for an answer and dumped them in a hall, famously called duncehall, they had especially created for the purpose.

Panic stricken Super Cat checks for an audience outside the duncehall. He still sees a herd of asses.

Each aspirant was also made to wear a dunce cap to make sure he understood the obvious. And then the sadistic studio managers asked the chatters to -- chat! what else? They had even organized a small audience of passerby's by bribing them tuppence each to make it look realistic. And they sang. And Super Cat sang. And how he sang. The swan blanched forever and how the wolf threw away its telltale heart (Studio owner, Ted Hughes, on Super Cat's singing). Their singing attracted owls, wolves and dogs from nearby streets and shadows. And then suddenly people followed, lots of them: young, old, fat, thin boys; one girl; one Fred manager; more than one policeman and hordes and hordes of humanity from Antartica to Indonesia wanting to hear Super Cat and all of dem played on air. Duncehall became an independent and recognized form of Reggae. Super Cat is often accredited with having started Duncehall (though he's stopped wearing the dunce cap owing to dandruff and some alopecia areata itchy icky problem on his sensitive scalp).

Criminal Record[edit]

Junior Cat, amazingly is still junior to Super Cat. He looks shocked 'cos he's temporarily lost control of the hem of big brother's skirt (WOMAD 2004)

Super Cat's Criminal record sold 624 million copies and was his greatest success. It won the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award three years in a row and holds the record for the only Grammy hat-trick. As a consequence, Super Cat had 624 criminal cases instituted against him (412 in Jamaica, 233 in Harlem and 156 in the Bermuda Triangle) for crimes ranging from pickpocketing, stealing tin drums, shooting friends, attempting homicide without the intent to kill, attempting homicide with the intent to murder, smuggling drugs, using drugs, acting drunk, driving drunk, composing songs discouraging the use of drugs while high on crack, shooting studio assistants while simultaneously discouraging the use of guns on chat, beating up cops, not showing up after having taken fat advances for live shows, spurning advances of groupies (mostly gays), disappearing without notice and a few others. Most of these trials are still pending but remarkably he has not been convicted for a single felony yet while being acquitted for many. Lately he was arraigned for bashing up drunk patrons in a bar in NYC. Super Cat iz be very dangerous. One small example of his dangerousness: he started/inspired the Rap form.


Super Cat, like any other cat of genus felis, phylum chordata, has been hibernating for several years. He's made a few rare appearances in local clubs in New York, where he looked distinctly beat and out of breath and half the man he once was. He hasn't composed anything of late except put his feet on a song or two by others. Most of the appearances that he now makes is on the blog he maintains,, where he writes whenever he's in the mood. His last entry was a long melodramatic paean to his pet cockroach called Fred that had kept him company for the past twenty years (a cockroach's lifespan is one year but ignorance is bliss and Super Cat, unlike you and I, understands Law). He even announced a new record -- a duncehall collection by various artists studded with real diamonds -- in memory of Fred.

Super Cat's last entry was severely criticized by ardent fans of ardent bloggers. Since Super Cat's blog does not accept comments, all the observations went unpublished (on the Internet). One Gungadin from Tobago wrote:

I mean what one ought to make of a blog entry that goes, Greetings to the world and to them and those who live in it. (sic) I mean who else is there who doesn't live in it? So are you (Super Cat) not addressing those (like Fred) who live outside it? What about me? Am I in or out Apache?

The consensus is that Super Cat cannot write as well as he can sing. At least not currently. At least not immediately.



  • 1985 "Si Boops Deh Wah! Thy Comprhendo? Ba Ba Black Seep"
  • 1988 "Zits for my Tit"
  • 1991 "Cabin Driver Stabbin" (with Denice & Menace)
  • 1992 "Don't Do Da Da" {ripped from the cops; later indicted for it; trial in continuance}
  • 1994 "Goat, the Hazy, the Fuzzy & the Curry"
  • 1995 "The Struggle's Comatose"
  • 1997 "Steven! Do you still love me, man?"
  • 2004 "Reggae's Automatic Diamonds Mismashed"

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  1. this song is not by Super Cat.
  2. see external link on "riddim:" dangerous external link <-- travel at your own risk