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Superjew is an extremely powerful jew, capable of causing mass orgasms with his mind, his other skills include, phsycokenesis, flatulence, and the ability to convert people from buddishtianity, and turn them into Jewaoists.


List of enemies: Mega Christian, [2]

The official group of anti-orgasms,

Chuck Florist, [3]

Neil Buddhist,

Greg M. Bush. [4]

These enemies put together make the ultimate squad of evil, "The guys who joined forces for no apparent reason" AKA "TGWJFFNAR", they have caused mass trouble for superjew, often going after his brothers, Alyx, Alyx, and Alyx, there is a rumour that SuperJew's enemies are his brothers in disguise.

True Identity: The Identity of SuperJew is uknown but we assume he goes along with the trend and his name is also Alyx, he has a girlfriend/partner in world saving, "Jack Hammer" which is subsequently a sexual inuendo...

Explanation of SuperJew's powers: SuperJew recieved his powers while duking it out with Alyx, who spit in his eye, kicked him in the nuts, and threw a vat of toxic waste, the thought in superjew's mind before this happened happened to be of a porno he had watched before, hence the orgasm powers...

Jack Hammer: Jack Hammer was meant to be a joke, until she suddenly got famous for being the world only Nanosexual, meaning she has sex with everything no matter how far away, her powers include, telekinetic sex, the ability to turn on lesbians, and a webcam...

SuperJew's current mission: Unless 10000 women have an orgasm in at least 1 month then Greg M. Bush will rule the world, with his ultimate "Anti-Orgasm Cannon" which feeds upon, non-sexual pleasures (studies prove there are actaully other forms of pleasure... i bet you didnt know that)

SuperJew has also been known to work with Mikaelll Jerkson, though the partnership ended once Mikaelll listened to the gothic music of "King"