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Super Keno is the continental capital of Super Asia, world's largest producer of tofu, and homosexuals.


Super Keno was originally Just Keno, a small town in the rural countryside of East Super Asia. After the outbreak of the Super Asian War Turbo in 1963, Just Keno became the Robot Forces' major supplier of tofu and tofu-based products. It is estimated that 75% of the war's tofu was produced there, and for much of the war it was the only source for the Robot Forces' devastating Tofupalm, a fiery compound of tofu and napalm.


In the brutal winter of January 1965 the sub-zero temperatures froze much of the town's tofu supplies, allowing General Colonel Sanders to rush in with his troops and capture the town's historic Stadtcenter, which was subsequently blown up as a metaphor for the failing campaign of the Robot Forces.

The town, while small, had a selection of excellent restaurants and bars, as well as a well-funded theatre and several art galleries. It thus became a haven for United Nations troops, who were enamored by the town's culture. To this day, going on leave in the UN Army is known as "doing a Keno".


The influx of soldiers into the town led to rapid growth and UN Secretary Margaret Thatcher ordered that the town become a city, Super Keno, centre of Super Asia and a icon for the continent's rebuilding. The remaining tofu, no longer a weapon of war, was used as a basis for rebuilding the city's shattered buildings.


Super Keno has become a popular destination for tourists. People of all nations come to marvel at the Tofu Towers, explore the city's nightmare under-tunnels, eat in the approximately 1,200 restaurants, or get eaten by the huge tofu monster created by tofu-lovers. Assholes.