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Superman crusades against challenging literature everywhere.

The Superman hypothesis is the theory, recently disproven, that students in a philosophy class actually read Friedrich Nietzsche's original works, instead of smoking hashish and reading old Detective Comic books, featuring Superman, the Man of Steel, after whom the hypothesis was named.

Disproof of the Superman hypothesis simultaneously proved that someone had at one time done their homework, read Neechee's weighty and boring tome, and created the summaries used by later students to pass their exams. The chicken-and-egg problem this creates is solved as a corollary to Xena's lesbian paradox. This is good news for Shroedinger, his cat, Lucy Van Pelt and his piano, which would otherwise continue to exist in an indeterminate state until someone actually opened his piano and saw the strings. (See string theory)


The original basis for the hypothesis was a dubious observation of a single student, who came to class one day fifteen minutes late wearing a detached, contemplative expression. This young philosopher-in-training was clearly experiencing existential angst of the highest order. This led to the idea that he did his reading, for what can instill melancholy in bright-futured attenders of college more sharply than a few leaflets of Nietzsche?

A quick rummage through the pupil's bag turned out a newspaper reporting the death of Christopher Reeve from an on-set horse stunt accident. A falling penny of light had dropped, shattering with this explanation of the comic-jockey's moroseness. This disappointing news came too late; a paper on the hypothesis was already mailed off to five leading scientific journals. Fortunately for the discoverer, they didn't care.