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Svenstorp is the biggest city in Europe, the Swedish capital contains no less than 34 billion people. It lies god knows where, but is said to lie somewhere in Switzerland close to the Swedish city Gothenburg, city of the goths and the burgs. Many very famous persons are harvested in Svenstorp, amongst them Oscar Wildes uncle Bernard Wilde, Lars Wienerbröd and quite a lot less famous Mustafa Ibrahim Assafat.


Svenstorp was actually founded in the year 347 bc in Madagaskar, but didn't really become a city until 6 years earlier, when the Germans left their country looking for new land, amongst them came Darth Hitler, and Arnold Schwartzenegger, who actually is not german, which is why he chose to move out, just a week later, in order to conquer America (in which he has been successful in comandeering a small, useless parcel of land known by some as California). They built a road through the city, and then made their living in selling cheese doodles to passingby truckdrivers. The doodles have ever since been the one and only economic incom for the citizens. People, now earning more money, started building up their own factories, where the doodles where made by jews and italians. The Jewish population grew stronger, and allied with the italians in an attempt to divide by zero. The universe then imploded.No one survived, the only two things surviving were actually the road and the tradition of making doodles.

189 years later Svenstorp was completely rebuilt at it's current unknown location, by Italian gnomes. Neither Germans nor Jews live there anymore, but the road is still there, cars are said to travel there sometimes.


The tourism is a vital part of the economy in Svenstorp, and most of the visiting people come to see the very old smithy from the early 80:s, but it is also very usual that the tourists come just to relax in the Swedish sun. It is a cheap place to visit, and if you are hungry, you can always sneak in too one of the many goatfarms to buy milk, bread and small norweigian children with funny hats.


Svenstorps main road goes straight through the city, from south to east, or if you come from the opposite direction, from north to west. Apart from this road, Svenstorp has many smaller roads asswell, and they are all connected to eachother through the big two-file road. In Svenstorp there are two bus-stops, and the busses pass more than once every day, exept for weekends and holidays, when there infact is not passing a single bus. Instead there are plenty of yellow hippie vans carying depleted uranium passing by the metropole to pick up disposal from some of the power plants lying next to the city. The drivers are very fond of the specialty of Svenstorp: Cheesedoodles with goatmilk, and the local bar is known as a "bus" stop for tourists.


The people of Svenstorp are famous for their incredibly mediocre intelligence, which is not only proven by the amazing results from recent IQ-tests, but also by the facts that the inhabitants of Svenstorp 'asploded last year. They are the the ancestors to the gnomes who built Svenstorp once long long ago, but their traditions are completely their own, with a few German details, such as the dance Zürchpahj for Christmas, the traditional meal called Hielberfarghïssen every 6'th of June, and the celebration of the veïnörschnïtzüül.