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We Sweat, So You Don't Have To
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Millenium aid program.jpg Pink Sweeping Dress

Cinderella always looked so sad, walking around in rags all day. Well you can really show up that stuck up bitch with this beautiful, summery dress. Perfect for every day use. 100% cotton.

Cigar woman.jpg Red Jumper

It's the end of the day, you're leaning up against the factory gate, enjoying a well-earned cigar. Life is good and just gets even better with this fabulous red jumper. Suitable for any occasion, you'll wonder what you ever did without it. 90% wool. 10% tobacco.

255x374 girl in red.gif Red Logo T-Shirt, Black Mini-skirt, Black Cap

Sexy, sassy, red: everything you associate with Vietnam is summed up by this stunning ensemble.

T-Shirt: £7 UK
Mini-Skirt: £6 UK
Cap: £5 UK

Special Offer!!! Buy all three for the bargain price of £25!!!

Girlwithbyc.jpg Evening Gown

Whether you're attending a society dinner or sitting in a makeshift dance hall which is normally a bike shed, you can be the belle of the ball with this glamourous, flowing gown. 100% polyester. Also available in white.