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TWM (Total Window Mess) is a window manager for MX-Windows and was made long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, during the age when X-Windows wasn't as painful as it is today. TWM was made to fill this hole, and make X-Windows as painful as possible. It is rumored that TWM was made in 1337.

Uncyclopedia rendered in a better visual style by TWM.

TWM has the following objectives:

  • Must be user-intuitive - When the user clicks inside a window, it is obvious that the window should not raise. Only if the user clicks on the window's titlebar should that window raise. Everybody knows it!
  • Must be small - It should fit in only one HD, there must not be the need for more than one HD.
  • Must be beautiful - Everybody likes the two-flat-color style of window decorations and menus. In fact, this wiki is ugly, it should have also the two-color style.

In addition to above, geeks who created TWM wanted to know if it was possible to make a software lazier than the users. They found it was possible, so TWM has one more objective:

  • Must be lazy - The window manager should not worry about where to place each new window. That would be too much work, even for a super computer. So, the user is asked to manually place each window at desired position.


At the following screenshots, notice the beauty of TWM, and how colorful and powerful it is.

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