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T'ai-pei, named after the Vulcan T'Pol, is the capital of T'ai-wan, named after T'Pring. This city represents the Vulcan Taiwanese resistance against forceful reunification with their Romulan Chinese cousins.

Taipei is divided into twelve adminstrative districts:

  • Inner River
  • Utopia
  • Faith
  • Scholar's Woods
  • Canoe
  • Literary Mountain
  • Na'an Bread
  • Pinecone Mountain
  • Central Justice
  • Central Mountain
  • Northern Head

Main attractions include Surak's Temple in the Utopia District. Most Vulcan temples are located in the Na'an Bread District, however. Citizens of Taipei use the Vulcan-complex script rather than the inferior Romulan-simplified script.

The Vulcan High Command is located in the Central Justice district. It is rumored that the Legislative Council has some moles who are sympathetic to the Romulans. Because of Polynesian blood, citizens of Taipei do not have the ridged foreheads of their Romulan cousins.