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Dennis C. Latham[edit]

The people in charge are just evil cowards who need to find JESUS. Although they will lead you to believe they know JESUS - that's just a decoy. Like the founding fathers of America - all evil lunatics and they are praised and worshiped by many as their faces lay painted on American money.

Little do they know - America is damned because of it's past, present and future sins. UNLESS AMERICA CHANGES.

A Christian Nation ? NO: legalized abortion / murder of babies legalized murder / atomic bomb X 2 - Iraq and many other wars legalized same sex marriage ? politicians who go to or claim to go to church every Sunday - but bear false witness against their neighbors daily This page to push more racism and hatred towards blacks.

May GOD have mercy on your souls. DCL - King Latham's Universal Revolution - KLUR PREPARE - It's coming to a place near you America

I don't get it[edit]

I loved that article. Almost as funny as the Sidney Crosby article I read on this site. But I don't understand, why did they change the name from 'nigger' to 'Black People'? Surely, nigger is a common word and is, in fact, recognized by Microsoft Word. Change the name back to nigger, or niggers, and get rid of that fucking baseball team page. That one isn't any funny at all. /rant


I'm African-American,Female,and 15 years old. And I just want to say that I found this article hilariously funny. Even though most of it was untrue of ALL black people, lol, it was funny. Kudos to the writer for using your right to freedom of speech....Lol, Mango? No, not mango. The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

You obviously have a well-developed sense of humour, then. That being the case, why not sign up for an Uncyclopedia account and write for us? We always need more people who recognise funny when they see it! What's more, an Uncyclopedia account allows you to create a stylish signature (ie; not one like mine) and use the exclusive, luxurious Uncyclopedia Country Club which is fully equipped with gym facilities, an Olympic-size pool, a Michelin three-starred restaurant and a bar... all for free. Please note: The Uncyclopedia Country Club may be a figment of my imagination. Rabbi Techno Icons-flag-gb.png kvetch Icon rabbi.gif Contribs Foxicon.png FOXES 10:00, May 9, 2010 (UTC)

I am a 19 year old African American female. However, I did not find this article amusing. I've heard funny jokes about black people. This was not funny. If you're going to be racist, whatever, I don't care about your choices. Because I, unfortunately, ran across this page, I decided to give my opinion. This article lack originality and cleverness. I know teenage white kids who can write a funnier article about black people. If you're going to write an article about black people, at least know what you're talking about. Most of the things you wrote were stupid. :) The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

If you think you can make it better, go right ahead, since you're obviously so much funnier than us. —Pelozurian (talk) 00:48, 17 May 2010 (UTC)

Completely agree with 19 year old. Not funny. Im a 17 year old chick with an attitude, white, could write something much funnier, but why would I. Look I believe you don't have to be "black" to have a nigga moment. SO heres mine bitch. [Side note:] Cussing is almost as good as cannabis. (Nigga moment cont.) Hip Hop is a culture. "white" people are extremely "privileged" and therefore perpetuate racism. The whole wigger thing, yes that is called assimilation. But I hear we are all from Africa. This article never mentioned how black people fuck much better. SO... never been to uncyclopedia. First impression - starting to hate the Human race. Oh also there is nothing scientific behind race, its pretty much bullshit. Whoever wrote this should eat a dick and stop spreading ignorance and stupidity especially if your white. If your black thats just oppression of your own race. Jesus I wish the english language didn't help me to contradict myself constantly. If only I was poised like Huey Freeman. JESUS WAS BLACK. Watch The Bookdocks sundays 11:30pm eastern ::: adultswim The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

One of the most IGNORANT articles i have ever read. It's such a disgrace that there's so much racism in this world. You might have tried to be funny or you probably thought this was a joke, but it's not. It's people like you who get no where in this world and don't look at the whole situation. There are some VERY intelligent black people in this world and there are not. The ones that actually finds this funny are the ones that are not. I'm AFRICAN AMERICAN... MY SKIN COLOR IS BROWN!!! NOT BLACK!!! Some people just need to grow up and accept the fact that balck people are

here and SOME are getting better. The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) 

apsolutely discusting i am 13 yrs old and frankly you are not funny i suggest you remove this article me being white and we can also steal cars and what ever. you are a biggot and not a very nice person you need to find something else to do with your life instead of being rascist everyone is the same apart from the fact of skin colour due to them being in a hotter part of the world than us and needing skin of such type. you are a very nasty man or woman but i suspecta man im sure woman have hearts ! The preceding unsigned comment was added by Kimbp (talk • contribs)

That first girl is Willie Lynched. I can't believe this has been voted to stay. It goes to show what the general idea is. When you get weirdos and murderers harming people, they become heroes. Here are a set of people who have contributed to the existing world in many ways. We have fought wars, invented life-changing instruments and achieved the pinnacles of humanity. What gives anyone the right to be so out of order. And to think it's in a place where ignorant people would take it as anything but offensive. Everyone comes from 'Black People' anyway. Black people are built on purely dominant genes. Every other races lacks something that black people have physically.


I wanted to put in a section about how black people will park their cars anywhere, block any street lane, and blow their horns 20 times instead of calling the people that they are picking up. I even have a really funny photoshop I did of an acura integra parked on the roof of a house, which can be seen in the Acura Integra article that I wrote. Is there any way that this page could be unlocked for editing so that I can add this section?

KrevNasty 14:12, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

We need another article referring to black people if this is permalocked[edit]

Just sayin'. People of all sorts DO like to edit, y'know. Rickyrab 04:30, January 17, 2011 (UTC)

And how do you edit if we just padlock it in sysop land? Rickyrab 04:33, January 17, 2011 (UTC)