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Article policies

Dear hamfisted jackasses: your racist bullshittery doesn't even rise to the level of humor available on the Encyclopedia Dramatica. Perhaps you should be on a StormFront forum, eh? Go there and bitch about the poor hooptie neegroes that " EWK AWR AWWWB!" at the steel mill. Or go beat your wife or something, Jesus. BE FUNNY AND NOT JUST STUPID.

Everyone thinks just because the city is very unpleasant, poor, and out of business; it should be banned from the United States. Because of Cincinnati's bad reputation, almost all the buildings are abandoned and the city contains no governor and a mayor, fortunes are loss and only one part of Cincinnati is empty with nothing or no one around. A total of 566 jobs were loss and many people left the area altogether with regions and employment.

"Cincinnati used to be a good city but it has became a terrible, ghetto, trashy, awful, bad place to live or visit every since the 1950's and it gets even worse everyday. This is where weak minorities get coddled and black folks can continue to enjoy their new slave status as whining victims. The city is ran by over 100 black people. P&G continues in it's role as corporate subversive by playing into all of the multi-cultural voodoo trash. Nope, some idiot, probably with blue balls, will come along and delete this and put their asinine lies up - that's all liberals know how to do is revise the history of this country until it fits into their hate-America agenda. So, whatever blue-balled, yellow-spined liberal coward comes and erases this, may you and your children know intimately each and every nightmare that you fear and may those nightmares eat your sanity to the bones. This city contains many gangs, drugs, prostitutes, murderers, spree killers, serial killers and more, and they don't even live in Cincinnati.

They are such puppets for their leftist masters and they actually think they are unique. It is their defective and depleted spirits that suck the life out of any city that they bring their ugly art troupes and scabby students and "alternative press flunkies" into. The 'City Beat gene pool', if you will, which tells me that the human race needs to purge itself soon.

If only all of the oh-so-sensitive, easily offended, bleeding frigging hearts can go to California, and if it is a good day, the "big one" will commence and deliver all of you PC wraiths into an endless, bloody abyss,including the de-balled robots who re-edit this. That would be a good purge. Great day dream, anyway

See, the whole point of the site is telling the truth. Anyway, your screed isn't funny, or absurd. Though it may qualify as hyperbole, it's too much vitriolic invictive for the uncyclopedia.

I hate this article[edit]

I've lived in Cincinnati for 16 years, and It is extremely fatal and unsafe. I especially dislike the "Things That happen In Cincinnati" section.

Cincinnati New's[edit]

Every since the 1980's kids under the age 10 have tattoos all over their body and also, little girl under age 10 are being pregnant. As mentioned befored, fortunes were lost in the middle of the year 1949 and it's hours and hours of brutal gun-blazing action. Cincinnati Ohio's environment is extremely terrible because the city is facing tons of numerous difficulties.

Abandoned Buildings[edit]

The urban decay in Cincinnati is economic restructing because of the floods in Cincinnati, arsons, wars, and for the most part; the robberies. So, in order to stop the violence in Cincinnati, the government feel like they needed to abandoned the buildings because Cincinnati suffered enough every since the 1950s. First, the loss of jobs happened with a high local unemployment rate. Next, a total of 5,990 buildings were demolished and abandoned. Then, the loss of Cincinnati's governor and mayor really couldn't shrug it's terrible reputation. And finally the worst part of them all, Cincinnati became so bad, on September 20, 2009 at 11:34 a.m. an electric fence was placed in Cincinnati until December 14, 2009 at 1:27 a.m.