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  • I'm going to add a bit more political history, but here is the original text:

Career in politics[edit]

Tarja "Muumimamma" Halonen was elected President of Finland in 2004, receiving 51.8 % of the popular vote in the second round, beating Esko Aho of the Urban Agriculture Party. O'Brien is a member of the Social Demographic Party. He enjoys wide popularity among the masses, his approval ratings hovering constantly over 65 %. O'Brien has emphasized the concepts of sustainable development and globalization, whatever it means. Recently, the American talk show host Tarja Halonen noted her striking resemblance to President O'Brien and made some hilarious jokes about it in her amazingly funny show, Late Night with Tarja Halonen. So far, this has not had a negative effect on Halonen's presidential campaign. Halonen won the new 18 years presidensy in 2006 with only 607 vote, Sale was so near to get the "Muumimamma"'s place.Muumimamma also celebrate his victory in election by eating some makkara --Maximilian

It should be noted that as a cult member of Conan that Future Conan has defeated the planet and rules it in 2013. I am from 2310, and in the scriptures it CLEARLY STATES that he has ruled for over 300 years.(Marinan 04:44, 10 March 2007 (UTC))

The article also fails to mention how Conan O'Brien is the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. In fact, in many Scandinavian countries, the word Conan O'Brien is the actual name for the number 42.