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To the writer of this article: You have forgotten to mention that "cum" is also what I was inserting into your girlfriend as you were writing this wonderful work of art. I had suggested using a =condom= but she begged me not to as she wanted to have my seed deep inside of her. "Cum" is also what she was doing as I completed this process; this was accompanied by several moans of ecstacy as she loudly called my name and begged me for more.

By the way, remember how she just told you she was heading out to buy more printer paper for you? Yeah, she's lying, she's heading to my place. Thank you for that lovely photo of her in this article by the way. It reminded me of what we did last night.  :-)

Also, you have forgotten to mention the sub-class of Nerd Cum. This occasionally makes itself manifest over pictures of certain "Nerd Icons" during worship services of this particular social clique. The most frequent Nerd Icons worshipped are of course Hillary Clinton, Caroline Kennedy, Katie Couric, and my future wife Samantha Power.


BIG DADDY LIKES TO FUCK. WHAT A MAN YOU ARE. --Roman Dog Bird 01:28, 28 August 2009 (UTC)


Do girls like this stuff? Even pretty chicks, like Paris Hilton? -Amit, 04.19.07

An Answer (to above question): I don't know if "girls like this stuff"; because I'm not a girl... But if I was a girl, then I imagine I would like "this stuff" because it would seem natural that I would...... plus, there are so many pics (on the net) proving that girls like "this stuff"............. - jwsd10, 12.09.07

I would think that those pictures prove only that some girls like getting paid for "this stuff". As for women in general some will like it, some won't.

Well, I'm a girl! Really it's true I guess that some like it and some don't. I'm totally not sexist, but I think most guys are visual and girls are aural. No that's aural not oral! It's like a boy and a girl are getting ready for a date. The girl worries more about what she looks like and the boy worries more about what he's going to say to the girl.
If you want porno you see lots of girls' faces and the guys' "little friend." Only it's not little it's like three times bigger than most guys. You usually don't see much of the guy's face. That's because it's mostly straight guys watching it and they're pretending to be the guy so they really don't want to see much of some other guy's face.
Do you know who likes looking at big penises? It's not usually girls because they're thinking "Oh, my God, that would hurt!" And it's not usually gay guys because they're thinking "Oh, my God, that would hurt!" It's straight guys who are thinking, "Oh, my God, if I had that thing all the women would love me!" Well it's straight up not true.
When a guy sees cum on a girl's face, he's thinking, "That could be me! Wow!" When a girl sees it she's probably thinking, "That could be me! Eww." But she might do it for the guy. And some girls get used to it. And sometimes if a girl's feeling really horny, it will turn her on.
But guys, a guy can get turned on in like 10 seconds. For a girl it takes like 10 minutes. That's why lots of guys like porno that gets right to the "action," and girls usually prefer erotica that takes its time. Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 01:12, September 12, 2009 (UTC)

Cum-shot pic[edit]

I have no idea if that pic is a legit cum-shot or fake, but in any case it might be useful to have a NSFW banner in the article if it's to be kept (and fucked if I know how to add that).

I just put in the pic where He-Man was squirting. He-Man.gifMrCleveland 18:39, 16 September 2008 (UTC)

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