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Not funny in the slightest. Unfunny. More Diana jokes needed.

Mein Kampf II - Back in the Habit: funniest thing I ever sawed. Bigfoot?

Yeah, I think somebody has messed this article up. The first part is funny enough, but the remainder of it, particularly the lists of likes/dislikes, is too political to be funny.
Everyone knows the Express is bigoted and prejudiced; but come on man, tell it so it makes me LAUGH.

Someone Ruined This[edit]

Some humourless idiot came along and started shouting off about bestiality. It's not funny.

Is this a real quote?[edit]

"they might as well be Muslims, I can't tell all these darkie religions apart" - normally I wouldn't think so, even for the Daily Express, but it seems remarkably like something that Robert Kilroy Silk might have said, as I he usually comes out with these type of things. Just thought I'd ask.

Madeleine Section[edit]

Only one thing wrong this. Namely the word "Madeleine" should be RED. We need to get the wiki source code changed to allow coloured headings. This is IMPORTANT damnit ! 13:42, 27 July 2008 (UTC)