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I came across this page by accident, searching for Seinfeld and Dentists... God damn this page is funny is all I can say. No, I am of course kidding. Like every page on this site shit is embarrassingly unfunny. I remember seeing this site a few years ago and I'm very surprised to find it online still. You get a headache from the utter horribleness. The whole site reads like the work of someone who sees themselves as "funny" and would put "funny" on a list of positives to describe their personality, just blurgh it all is... -- 00:51, 10 March 2009 (UTC)

Honestly, Uncyclopedia usually isn't very funny but this article is hilarious! I think this is the funniest article I've read on Uncyclopedia. The article could maybe do with being a bit harsher. Still... Hilarious!