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Article policies

Feel free to edit away. This article needs some elaboration on the cultures and customs of each of the individuals tribes comprising the Disneyland confederation. There were also some ideas that I didn’t end up using that you might want to use when editing this article. I list some of these ideas below.

  • Disneyland has a sacred burial ground in New Orleans Square. Members of the Wahtehdausnee visit the burial ground to speak with dead ancestors.
  • The structures in Tomorrowland were designed by Wernher von Braun. (This is true!)
  • Three monorail services provide mass transit across Disneyland. (This is also true.)
  • There is a private club called Club 33 located in New Orleans Square. The membership fee is around $10,000 and there is a waiting list that is several years long. (This is also true).
  • 9 visitors and 1 worker have been killed at Disneyland. (This is true.)
  • On August 6th 1970, (the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima) Yippies invaded Disneyland, raised the Viet Cong flag, and filled one of the rides with marijuana smoke. (This is true.)

For other ideas, you may want to inspect the Wikipedia article about the Iroquois.

I’ll be adding an article to the Uncyclopedia about the Mickey Mouse Club in the near future. The Mickey Mouse Club is a trading alliance which includes Disneyland and which maintains a global entertainment monopoly. It is modeled on the Hanseatic League.

--KP CUN 20:39, 15 Aug 2005 (UTC)

I like the monorail reference, but it is a little bit out of place. I will shift it in a couple of days to a separate Monorail article. All of Disneyland’s other transportation systems have their own article. --KP CUN 22:24, 28 Aug 2005 (UTC)

secret meeting[edit]

there is also a picture from a secret meeting, where england, thailand, disneyland and rusia were discusing plans to take over the US

Magic Kingdom[edit]

I recently started work on a spin-off article based on the Magic Kingdom here in Florida as User:WillMcC/Magic Kingdom. Feel free to contribute to it.

Some true facts about Magic Kingdom

  • There are three monorail lines with 12 Mark VI trains (the current Disneyland fleet is transitioning from Mark V to Mark VII)
  • The PeopleMover (under the name Tomorrowland Transit Authority) is alive and well
  • Instead of New Orleans Square, we have Liberty Square. Lincoln is replaced with Hall of Presidents.
  • Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was replaced with a large pile of Pooh
  • Country Bears is still present (Disneyland's was replaced by a pile of Pooh as well)
  • No Club 33 (We are not "l33t" enough)
  • Our Pirates of the Caribbean is inferior in every way to the Disneyland version, though our Haunted Mansion just went through a rehab and IMO is better than the Disneyland version.
  • Instead of Autopia, we have Indy Speedway
  • Instead of Indy, we have...well...a show at MGM/Hollywood Studios
  • The Cinderella Castle is more than twice the size of the Sleeping Beauty castle and includes an apartment (originally designed for Walt himself), a restaurant, and keeping with Disney fashion, a gift-shop.
  • Tomorrowland has an attraction named Monsters Inc Launch Floor, though many of us call it by its acronym
  • The Skyway closed in 1999. This was accelerated by the death of an employee at the time. The ride is gone, but both stations are still there
  • There is a Space Mountain Line

--WillMcC 18:35, 22 May 2008 (UTC)


Japanese should added to the list of official languages.--Jojhutton 17:40, November 24, 2011 (UTC)