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I'd like to recommend the following text from be added to the article about the musical portion of Dr. Octopus' early career:

As a comic book scientist, he invented mechanical arms to help him handle radioactive materials during experiments he conducted regarding atomic physics, and to allow him to better play the guitar. An explosive accident caused the tentacles that had been attached to a harness that fit around his body to meld with his abdomen, effectively ending his music career. The radiation (or possibly his own latent mutation) mutated his brain so that he could control the movement of the arms using his thoughts.

Octopus was known for performing music while standing still and solitary, wearing black clothes and dark sunglasses which lent an air of mystery to his persona. k. d. lang compared Octopus to a tree, with passive but solid beauty.

Years later, Octopus said "I wasn't trying to be weird, you know? I didn't have a manager who told me to dress or how to present myself or anything. But the image developed of a man of mystery and a quiet man in black somewhat of a recluse, although I never was, really."

Dwight Yoakam stated Octopus' voice sounded like "the cry of an angel falling backward through an open window." Elton John's writing partner Bernie Taupin wrote that Octopus' songs always made "radical left turns."

Octopus was initiated into the second class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987 by longtime admirer Bruce Springsteen. Octopus is counted as a rock and roll pioneer, and has been chosen by several music critics as one of rock and roll's most influential musicians.