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I've had some trouble with the spacing in the bombing notes. If anyone could help, I'd be grateful.

Were you trying to put it in multiple lines? I got it by using colons. It wasn't very hard. --Sbluen 23:03, 31 August 2006 (UTC)

Dr. Seuss biography - criticism[edit]

MitchO's setting the Dr. Seuss biog to rhyme of 8th April 2005 only makes sense if you're familiar with the wording of the article beforehand, which read as follows:

'Dr. Seuss was the world's wealthiest children's author. In his books, he taught children how to make it big in the world, through lying, cheating, and getting high. Dr. Seuss was born Teddy Bear Seuss. He spent his spare time robbing banks for college money with his good friend Michael Jackson. He eventually became so powerful, that he started a famous illegal monopoly that all the cops knew about but didn't care about. He went to college and got a master's degree. Pissed off all to hell, Teddy called himself a doctor and changed his last name to Seuss. He then married Michael Jackson. Dr. Seuss realized that he was filthy rich one day, so he decided to write a bunch of books that taught children how to be just like him. His first book was called "And to Think that I Gambled on Mulberry Street". His last one was "Oh, the Places You'd Go if Only You Were as Rich as Me". Dr. Seuss died of face cancer. He is the second most famous doctor in the world, next to Dr. Pepper.

There's no point making comic allusion to events to which your audience is oblivious. Indeterminacy's addition of the poem My Green Friend Liz of 13th January 2006 really brings the article to life, though, and is hilarious. --Seamus Mahoney 12:13, 22 September 2006 (UTC) Oh, and the joke that his last book was called "Oh, the Places You'd Go if Only You Were as Rich as Me" is so funny it should be reinstated somewhere. It was a shame to lose it just for the sake of putting his biography in rhyming form.

Fuck Dr. Seuss[edit]

That's all. you know you want him in the butt! dont lie.

Happy Hanukkah[edit]