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Dis be rockin', [email protected]!!!

fo sho


Dis yo ho satirical piece o' shizzle be written by some lame-ass cracka who don't feel da real Bonix. He be droppin' a few wordz herre and derre but he be no G., Word! I'm a re-write dis so my Niggaz can smell it. Peace!

--Zonk69 14:40, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

Uh, this isn't really well written, now is it? Ebonics ("Thay! Wheh yo mama stay? She stay ovuh offa Washintuh street wih mah cuuuuuzin Shameequa") is distinctly, noticeably different from Snoop-style rap speak. Sigh.

Shizit! Even a homie wit' no cheese from G-Town is down wit' derre bein' no language distinc fro' da culture which produces it, Word! "Thay! Wheh yo mama stay?" - what is dis Crizap? Dis ain't da Bonix, dis is dat English muthafucka Chris Eubank. You dis my Rap, You. Peace!

--Zonk69 17:22, 4 March 2007 (UTC)


Why come dey ain't no place to axe queschunz bout diz here sheeit?? Know wut ahm sayin? Derr go whitey keepin us down, yo. Know wut ahm sayin? sheeit! damn! Know wut ahm sayin?

Im black and i have no idea what the fuck this means, lol

Kill THE Ghetto[edit]

To my fellow black people, the white people are making fun of your dumbasses because for years, you have beeen down with the Rap shit, which is really run by asian people who smoke a special brew of meth, Gruemeth is created by throwing a grue into a big ass pot and dumping meth into the big ass pot and mixing it. Muhahahahah.


Must... restrain... self... from... correcting... article... need... good... grammar...