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I agree with your assesment about Guru Maharaj Ji and his diminishing cult and his followers known as "premies" who are experiencing diminishing physical and emotional abilities after years and years of brainwashing. The former "Lord of the Universe" wants to be known as a motivational speaker. Anthony Robbins, Depaak Chopra, and Wayne Dyer have gotten very rich for their hawking their inane pieces of crap without ever having to reveal "God" to anyone. There are suckers born every minute including the followers of the ex-Guru Maharaj Ji. The legal definition of a cult as defined in Bulfinch's Mythology is a group of people following some one who is never wrong and the leader's followers are always wrong. A leader in a cult ai above the law as well as criticism. Donald Rumsfeld, Idi Amin, and the late Jim Jones are cult leaders who thought they were perfect and their devotees were full of imperfections.

 I disagree, many of jesus followers failed to achieve spiritual advancement, that jesus musta been stupid huh?
 Adam wore the fig leaf of reason to cover his shame of meat eatting and gathering the garden to death
   his excuse, blame God and Eve. Blaming Guru Maharaj Ji for what? not forcing his devotees to meditate.
 We wont be dragged kicking and screaming into heaven. For the record Guru Maharaj Ji decommissioned his own
 culture of religion, to keep it from becoming just cult. He ordered the disbandment of the organization
started by his followers/...and he didn't blame any one. Of course you can still recieve his knowledge and

meditation practice for free as always. Go to Prem Pals website. Don't have a mere assessment of something so potentially important as an individual being able to show you God or not. Find out for yourself.