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This article needs to be featured now! -- 23:10, 18 May 2008 (UTC)

this article...[edit]

Is not funny :S There's loads of "lololololol" paragraphs which simply aren't funny at all. Maybe removing some of them would help. I don't know. If I had any authority here I'd put it up for deletion... =/

As Mr Annoymous here said and as I said before in my review it does need alot of work and probably is VFD material. Also, Mr IP, why not sign up? I've noticed you talking on some talk pages and you seem keen to get involved, just click the sign up botton at the top, choose a username and password and you're away. Have Fun!MuCal. Orian57.gif Orian57Talk!Read!PEE!UnProvise!CMC! 08:06 13 June 2008