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Neo Mossad[edit]

Tony Law[edit]

MI6 Secrte Doosier: 'New Terroist Groups' Paragraph 7 Section 2

The latest CIA and MI6 intelligence shows us tha at a new terroist group has just this minute been created. The 'Neo Mossad' is a special branch of the Israile Mosad. This new group however, could be more dangerous; as little is known about it. What we do is that former Mosad group leader Tony Law has signed a new contract to lead the 'Neo Mossasds'. This is a very serious business, as from what I here about Tony from the Mossad page, he is very dangerous indeed. WE need to take out Tony Law; codename 'Moleman', as fast as possible. A hired assassin will be deployed to assassinate America's Most Wanted Mole. This will ensure that the 'Neo Mossads' will be destroyed as quickly as possible. We just hope that they haven't become a world-wide organisation yet; because then we would be in trouble. FUCK ISRAEL ANYWAY Thanks again to Cheif Commander Kelly of the British Secrete Service for leaking this informaion to me. Keep it coming Kelly!!!