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HAHHAHAHAHHA this article is great!

Respect ;)!

pictures somewhere[edit]

Iv seen a really good site where the lady acts as though she is going along with it. Every picture is a trophy. I know its a New Zealand site "kiwi battler" and Trophies would be some search terms to start with. I couldnt find it, but if someone can it has great pictures that would really make this article cool.

Where did this article go?[edit]

The article itself has been replaced with a redirect to Scam Letter, which is just a variation of the same joke from the 419 article. And there's no record of it in the history any more. What the hell? Why was my article deleted for no reason without even a mention on the discussion page? KeithIrwin 08:01, July 13, 2011 (UTC)