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Please unlock the article for future edits. The Oakland A's are discussing plans to relocate the team, because Oakland can't afford a new standard major league ballpark facility. They have 5 places to choose from or keep playing in Oakland without the fancy-smancy shit that Frisco and L.A. gets to have (fuck 'em y'all). 1. San Jose (renamed the Silicon Valley Robots). 2. Sacramento (renamed the Austrian Governators). 3. Las Vegas, Nevada (renamed the Sports Gamble). 4. Portland, Oregon (renamed the Portland Piss). and 5. Montreal, Quebec, Canada (renamed Les Ah's). Expect that the Oakland A's won't be given a pass in any of the future cities and sooner or later, the A's return to Oakland by a two-faced owner dissing home fans of cities they used to play (and returned to). + 23:18, October 7, 2010 (UTC)