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At first I would like to ask all of you "Who the hell wrote this shit about oltenia"??? Where do you come with this stuf? Where do u get all this documentation??? Hrere is a god description about Oltenia You incults.

Who cares... was maybe a disguised "haibuci", don't you think? :)

Something more stuppid and untrue I didn't read it until now.

Gorgeous article, congratulations my friend, a point well taken

ce sunteti bai asa Olteni? Era misto varianta aia.

Surprised? They are oltenians, they can't take a joke.

---> No no no, we make the jokes :))

Hey, I was born and raised in Craiova and I really enjoyed this mockup article. Of course, there are some stupid things/comments in it, but the rest is oh, so true!!!

Mishto articolul! Astept imbunatatiri!

Tare articolul

la economie, ar mai trebui adaugat ............hotzia peste hotare, cine vrea sa vada ultimele modele de masini sa vina la craiova ca la bucuresti apar mai tarziu ;)) daca vrei sa te combini si nu ai cu cine, fa cu drum pana la craiova si pana la urma tot te intelegi cu una dintre taberele rivale.............e trist da trebe sa recunoastem mai oltenilor, craiova e capitala hotilor in ro.....

Good joke:)[edit]

articolul asta nu poate fi scris decat de un alt restul nu-i duce capul la asa ceva

                                                                                    UN OLTEAN