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I've rescued some of my favored elements from the previous version of this article, and tacked them onto the new version. I hope this is a suitable compromise and please, do ask next time before taking on a rewrite of this magnitude. --epynephrin 16:54, 10 April 2006 (UTC)

Developmental Psychology[edit]

I'm tired of nasty users, doing terrible wiki-things (insert nasty para-wiki-rant). Admin has prohibited making unsupported claims begging the question. The claim that a citation is not needed for the piaget reference in developmental psychology, needs a citation to support the superfluousness of citations (I suggest "Emerson, c. 1900").

To Puppy Experiment Poster[edit]

Your joke has potential; I don't want you to start freaking out and vandalizing the page. It has potential, but I have two problems with what you've been posting: a) you're altering the article signifcantly by taking out the current material, and not using Sub-Headings (three ='s signs). B) you're breaking the flow of the article with the "...Sorry, typo" thing, making the fake-formal tone of the article suddenly seem informal--that's probably more my editing style, but keep in mind that anything submitted to Uncyc is subject to editing. I do encourage you to keep trying, though. --epynephrin 13:05, 1 February 2007 (UTC)

Psycho Psychology?[edit]

I dunno, as a branch maybe.