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Numerous Errors in the Texts[edit]

Hi, I've been re-reading the series recently, i first read them 4 years ago or so, and i've noticed literally thousands of errors on every page. I can't believe i didn't notice them the first time around. For example, in The Spreading of the Butter the characters peter, greg and cindy, et al, seem practically interchangeable throughout chapter 8. it's as if King just frequently forgot the name of one character and couldn't be bothered to check back and instead gave them a different name each time they spoke. the different names only really become separate characters at the end of the novel which is when they all un-explainably die.

Also, in wizard and ass, there's a whole long paragraph where eddie is described as having the head of a fat, "menacing" walrus. It's never mentioned again! Is it meant to be there or what?

I don't know, but it seems now that im older, that these books were put together in someones basement or something.

These are just two of many examples, including spellin mistakes, graphical inacuracies etc, i've noted them all down. I was just wondering why this hasn't been mentioned in the article yet, and would it be ok if i made a section for it? The_arch_nemesis 00:25, 18 February 2008 (UTV)