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The Tampa Bay Lightning is a mythical hockey team, rumoured to be playing in the Tampa region of Florida in the National Hockey League. Believed to be similar to ball lightning, although many people believe in this hockey team, no one has ever actually seen them play, so their existence has never been proven.


Little is known about this mysterious phenomenon of Tampa Bay Lightning. It was first mentioned in media reports 1992 that ghostly apparitions occasionally appeared in the St. Petersburg area, possibly the ghosts of players condemned to eternally play in Florida after having been unprotected in the 1992 NHL expansion draft. Crazy, wild rumours began to circulate of female goaltenders, the Esposito brothers in management positions, and well, hockey being played in the Tampa Bay area. None of these rumours could be proven, as no one in Tampa could actually honestly say that they had seen the team play.

The hockey team in Tampa myth has continually been spread by people like hockey (see Canadians; Minnesotans) although the myth is rarely if ever mentioned in Tampa area newspapers or television. The craziest rumour was that the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup in 2004. The NHL was so horrified by this urban legend that they cancelled the 2004-05 season in order to try to regain some credibility.