Tate and Lyle

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Tate and Lyle (1989)[edit]

Film Factogramography[edit]

Directed by:Andrei Konchalovsky and Albert Magnoli

Writing credits: Randy Feldman (WGA)

  • Runtime: 98 min / USA:104 min
  • Country: USA
  • Language: Manly Grunts / English Subtitles
  • Colo(u)r: Russell - Tanned / Stallone - Fluorescent tangerine
  • Certification: UK:15 (original rating), 18 (Manly-Man Special Edition edit)

Cast overview, first billed only:[edit]

  • Sylvester Stallone .... Raymond 'Ray' Tate
  • Kurt Russell .... Gabriel 'Gabe' Lyle
  • Teri Hatcher .... Katherine 'Helter Skelter' Tate
  • East Croydon .... Downtown Hollywood
  • Samuel Elle Jackson .... Chinese Guy #3

Genre: Buddy-Buddy Cops and Robbers / Action / 1980's Haircuts / Thriller / Latent homo-eroticism

Plot Outline: Two rival cops are framed for crimes they didn't commit. Forced to work together to clear their names, they discover the only people they hate more than each other are...the bad guys..!

Tagline: Hollywood's toughest guys are now LA's toughest cops in the film that nobody wanted to see - least of all...the bad guys..!

==Trivia:== Barry Sonnenfeld was the film's original director of photography but was fired by Sylvester Stallone who felt he wasn't being lit to a satisfactory shade of bright orange. Don Thorin was Sonnenfeld's replacement.

====Goofs:==== Continuity: During the legendary "Cafe" scene (later reconstructed shot-for-shot in "When Harry Met Sally"), a '93 Ford Mustang can be seen driving past as Stallone reaches climax. However the film was made in 1989 - 4 years before the '93 Mustang was even built! Furthermore, Ford did not make any Mustangs in 1993!


  • Lyle: SMILE!
  • Street Punk #1: Ah, Sugar! It's Tate and Lyle!

  • Lyle: Tate, stop touching me there...TATE!