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The Origins[edit]

The infamous "Team Not Doin' It" was created in the fall of 2002 by several unidentified students at the University of North Texas. These brave young souls became the first to stand proudly when asked to perform any task and proclaim "NOT DOIN' IT!!" And thus it was begun on that fateful fall day, that all who would be courageous enough to stand before their peers and proclaim that they would not have the shackles of slavery be forced upon their shoulders, that they would not yield to the tyrrany of the few, that they would not DO IT, would not have to do it indeed. In the years since the inception of Team Not Doin It, the team has expanded to a global network of ninjas, pirates, politicos, priests, rabbis, elvis impersonators and all around good guys. It is now estimated that the team membership numbers somewhere between 5 and 600 million members. This figure cannot be checked, however, as the team does not maintain any documented membership rosters in an attempt to avoid the persecution of its members by the powers that be. (Who, it may be added, most certainly DO IT.) It is generally believed that the founders of Team Not Doin' It were originally inspired by Bartles and James the Scriveners, a television mini-series directed by Herman Melville.

What they Do[edit]

  1. ) They don't
  2. ) Certainly not "IT"

Credo / Motto[edit]