Teenager Farms

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The Teenager Farms are located in the nation of Nokia, where various types of teenagers are

put up for trade and for auction. There are various types of teenagers here:

  • Battery Teenagers really hyper, approach with caution
  • Regulated Teenagers of Brixon super rare, invisible
  • Teenagers of Bristol kick your ass with ease
  • Mountain Teenagers climb up mountains DUH!!!
  • Fat Teenagers Eat too much
  • Aqua Teenagers They piss all over the place
  • Boney Teenagers Useless, just bones
  • Phoney Teenagers They're faking
  • cheerleaders Go *Eldred *Yellow Jackets ! Like anyone cares about the Yellow Jackets anyways...
  • jocks strong and gorilla like
  • geeks and nerds pussies
  • goths black all over
  • gothlolis black and Amelia Bedillia all over
  • Grounded Teenagers They can't do anything. If they do, they get raped
  • Slender waist teenagers Sexy
  • Runic Teenagers Uses penis magic
  • Mystic Teenagers Uses popular magic
  • Poisonous Teenagers Fart really, really bad
  • Mutant Teenagers created by *Dr. West
  • Teenage Teenagers nothin' special....
  • More Teenagers as it says.... more gothsblack and purple all over
  • Green Teenagers Made of *vegetables
  • stoned teenagers Dumbasses
  • prostitutes horny, we get them a lot...
  • Gangtas bad boys, need 10 spankings everyday
  • Popular Teenagers that's unrealistic!
  • Boy Band Teenagers sexy and cute
  • Good for nothings Don't do anything
  • Run Aways they offer awards for their capture, 1 cent
  • slutty teenagers see *prostitutes

Note there are more types of teenagers, who where either thrown in there by their kitten huffing parents, or where put there to be spanked and raped for eternity.

The teenager farms were founded in the year 1776 by Charlie Brown to gather all sorts of good for nothing teenagers( 5,005,005,005,600 Gold Pieces each) and then torture them with stuff like:Acne, bad hair, grounding them, giving them infinite homework, whipping them, tickling them, squzzing their genitals, hanging them, pissing on them, burning Teen Magazines, hitting them with chickens and Edward Elric, make them huff kittens, make them drink the piss that got pissed on them, and putting up with their parents saying "no" to a concert(that's unrealistic). Soon Charlie Brown was court marshalled for 1000 years for the abuse of teenagers, but released and soon formed the Peanuts organization.

The Kids Next Door were also a major threat to teenagers, because the KND annoy teenagers until they explode, and then they were soon thrown in prison.

To adapt a teenager, there are tests to determine what teenager is best for you. Step 1:Determining the color of your piss

Step 2:How many peanuts are in each of your turds

Step 3:Hitting both of you with Edward Elric.

Then you must fill out 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 forms, saying what sex you are, how many times you farted in your life, how many times did you PWN Fayt Leingod, how many orgys did you take part in, etc.

Teenagers can also be evolved in many ways, depending on how many times you had sex and how many hobos you killed.

Teenagers evolve through Evo Crystals.

The Evo Crystals you get depends on the weapon you kill with.

For instance:Potato gun--------->Purple Crystals

                          jock, 100 purple crystals-Fatass Jock