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Potatohead aqua.png Featured Article  (read another featured article) Featured version: {{{date}}}
This article has been featured on the front page. — You can vote for or nominate your favourite articles at Uncyclopedia:VFH.

Do not subst this template. If you need to modify it, use the things below. If they aren't enough, ask someone to add more options.

Usage: {{FA|revision=123456|date=6 June 2023}}

  • the correct revision and feature date to use will be shown to you when you follow the feature queue process. See Forum:Feature queue for instructions for that.

Optional parameters:

  • nobadge=true to hide the "featured" badge in the top left and the ninjastar in the top right. Useful for custom skinned pages where those don't work well.
  • hidden=true to hide the whole thing, but still have it show up in the right categories. Useful when you want to use a fake custom FA box like on AAAAAAAAA!. The page still needs this FA template on it for feature-related stuff, which is why it has to be hidden, rather than just removed.

Customise look:

  • title=something to change title text
  • text=something to change main text
  • versiontext=something to change the version text
  • color=#AAAAAAA to change text colour
  • background=#AAAAAA to change background colour/style
  • border=5px dashed pink to change border style
  • image=example.jpg to change image
  • style=css to add any other extra css style to the box

Note: Pages with this template are added to Category:Featured.