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Thanks for starting a new article! Down below is the usual Uncyclopedia edit box, already loaded with the bare bones of an article for you to modify. (If you don't know what to do in an edit box, please experiment in your sandbox before creating an article in the public space.)

Use these resources: (Hint: Open them in a new tab so as not to disturb your edit.)

  • From the Chief explains the policies of UnNews, how we work together, and the Chief's preferences on use of italics, boldfacing, and links.
  • Help:How to write an UnNews article is a more step-by-step guide to creating an article, although it will again ask you to type your desired headline.
  • UnNews:Style is our Style Guide for writing articles:
    • Section 2 describes the types of UnNews stories: News-based articles versus original "reporting."
    • Section 3 explains how to organize a good story.
    • Section 4 asks you to cite your sources--and what to do if you made up the story out of thin air and don't have sources. Two empty {{Source}} templates are included for you in the edit box below if you need them.
  • And Uncyclopedia:How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid is good advice to follow all across Uncyclopedia.

Now, dig in, Tiger, and write us some UnNews!