Temple of the Dog

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Temple of the Dog
Origin Seattle, Washington, USA
Genre(s) Grunge
Years active 1991
Label(s) S&M
Former members
Chris Cornell
Matt Cameron
Eddie Vedder
Stone Gossard
Jeff Ament
Mike McCready
The Edge
Ronnie Van Zant
Allen Collins
Steve Gaines
Chris Martin
Justin Timberlake
Lance Bass
Drum Machine
Casio WK-500DX

Temple of the Dog, prior to many beliefs that it was once a religious temple based on the common practice of dog worship and beastiality in China and Japan, up until the Great Asian Cookoff event of 1991 at any rate, is actually a so-called Grunge band that existed for almost as short of a time as the genre itself, with it's only purpose being to release it's one and only album that year, which was also entitled Temple Of The Dog. It made headlines for about a day or two, and then it didn't. It fell into the evil throes of bargain bins worldwide, and dealt a serious blow to all of those involved. Much like a nuclear attack, or syphalis.

Behind The Music[edit]

The band was formed in honor of the late, great "Woody" Andrew (from Mother Love Boner), by members of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, U2, Coldplay, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hanson, and N*SYNC, and the CD was recorded not only as a reflection upon his life, but it was recorded in a futile attempt to cash in, as well. According to the lead violinist in the project, Chris Cornell. It's most popular tracks are the R&B influenced "Say Hello 2 Heaven (Ooh-Ooh-Ooh)", and the "We Are The World" styled anthem "Goin' Hungry 4 U". Which featured newcomber Eddie Vedder, who had just paddled into Seattle on a surfboard from California, and a 10 year old Justin Timberlake on vocals, with permission from his parents.

After the previously mentioned failure of the CD earlier in the article, nothing too extraordinary happened. Lynyrd Skynyrd's participants went back to their grave, Hanson (who provided the MMMBopping on "Deez 4 Walls Jes Close In Wit Out U") and N*SYNC's members went back to finish their basic schooling, so on, and so forth. Shit happened. Literally.


There have been talks, obviously. But we all know better by now. As the 2000's have certainly proven, bands that break up do not get back together. It's a bad omen, and everybody knows this. This statement has more or less been echoed recently by Chris Cornell, during one of his fashion performances in London, England, supporting his latest album, Scream: Endorsed By Calvin Klein. Here is what he had to say:

"My... uh, well... Temple Of The Dog... damn... forgot about those guys... I just think it'd be like a cursed diamond, bringing this band back. Obviously, things changed. We're older now, we've moved on... some of us are richer... how does my ass look in these jeans?"

Chris's former bandmates did reunite for a short time following this comment, only to toilet paper his house, teabag his wife, and leave a nice pile of flaming crap on his doorstep for him. Reportedly, Chris never recovered from the psychological trauma of this incident, and the long term prognosis of him doing so has been deemed "grim, if at all possible".

Band Members[edit]

Yes. Beyond the machines, this band had members. And they each had a different role in making everything come to life. Scroll up for the full list of everybody involved in the project. Next.


Unlike many modern artists of today, the group actually released a CD. And that CD contained 10 tracks, commonly referred to as songs. With the addition of two iTunes exclusive MP3's that followed 18 years later, of course. But we all know who to blame for this... right? Guys?

Ah well... onto the discography!


Temple Of The Dog (1991)

1. Say Hello 2 Heaven (Ooh-Ooh-Ooh)
2. U Make Me Want 2 Reach Down N Touch Myself
3. Goin' Hungry 4 U
4. Pushin' Forward, Pullin' Back
5. Doggy Stylin'
6. U Trouble Grrl
7. Woody Tha Woodpecker
8. Let Me Be Ur Savior
9. Deez 4 Walls Jes Close In Wit Out U
10. All Night Long (Feat. Lionel Ritchie)

20th Anniversary iTunes Bonus Tracks (2009)

11. U My Angel On Fire
12. Pet Dat Kitty (Live)