Tenders Down Below

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Tenders Down Below (R)
Directed by Steven Seagal
Produced by Steven Seagal
Written by Steven Seagal
Starring Steven Seagal
Music by Steven Seagal
Distributed by Steven Seagal Inc.
Release date(s) After dinner
Running time 35 min (or until Seagal finds the tenders
Language Jive
Budget $3.99, $5.49 for meal
IMDb profile

“I can kill you 451 different ways with this honey-mustard.”

~ Steven Seagal in "Tenders Down Below"

“Seriously. Doctor. Where's the chicken?”

~ Steven Seagal in "Tenders Down Below

Tenders Down Below is a 1994 documentary film directed by and starring Steven Seagal, and co-starring, Steven Seagal and Steven Seagal. It was produced by KFC and financed by Steven Seagal.


Steven Seagal searches for a hidden cache of southern-fried chicken tenders in the hull of a ship. If he doesn't find them before the clock strikes midnight, the terrorists win. Seagal, with the help of his assistant, Stefan, make their way through mobs of vague militias, following his ancient, secret inhaling power to snuff out the delicious tenders, meeting Aleut beauty Stevana along the way. But whose side is she on; the chicken, or the meat?


  • Not enough squinting.
  • Not enough chicken.


  • The biscuit was never found