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Terror Cells. These specific cells have been in the media an increasing number of times, and in case you didn't know, we will tell you all about them...

What Is A Terror Cell & How To Identify One[edit]

Terror Cells are normal human cells that have been converted to Islam and praise Allah.

Instead of a cell membrane, they tend to have a protective shroud called a "Cell Turban." This usually looks like a scarf wrapped around the cell itself with two uses:

1. a fashionable outer garnment

2. a protective outer layer to keep western ideas from entering

If one manages to peel off this tightly wound scarf, you could begin to see the obvious differences from a normal American cell.

The ectoplasm tends to look the same. But upon further inspection, it is reavealed as having deep red hatred for all things free.

There is still a nucleus in he center, but instead of DNA(deoxyribonucleicwhythehelldoyoucare), it contains ANA (al-quedanucleoallies).

The mitochondian have thusly been replaced by dirty bombs as the powerhouse of the cell.

Ribosomes have been left alone, due to their support of protein plans.

The endoplasmic reticulum has been replaced as intercellular highway by the much easier, and faster, internet.

The golgi apparatus has continues to modify the ribosome plans, by making them more practical. the golgi apparatus also encodes the plans, for once it is on the internet, and wandering white NSA cell can destroy their hopes.

Lysosomes have been replaced by foot soldiers as means of carrying out plans.

Cilia and flagella have been replaced as means of moving the cell around by cars, planes, trains, boats, and even legs. This is due to efficiency, seeing as how a wiggling tail will get you there slower then an airplane, and costing much more energy.