Texas War for Independence (video game)

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Video Game Wars


In Development

“In Soviet Texas, the Alamo remembers YOU!!!”

Leading Up to War[edit]

*T3X has entered the game*

*S4nT4 4NN4 has entered the game*

S4nT4 4NN4: t4ke thiz, u n00bs

*S4nT4 4NN4 makes new constitution*

T3X: dude, wtf? u suk

*T3X attacks Anahuac and Velasco*

*4 damage to S4Nt4 4NN4*

S4nT4 4NN4: wtf?!?

*S4nT4 4NN4 deploys more troops into Texas*

*S4nT4 4NN4 deploys more troops into Texas*

*S4nT4 4NN4 deploys more troops into Texas*

*S4nT4 4NN4 deploys more troops into Texas*

*S4nT4 4NN4 deploys more troops into Texas*

*S4nT4 4NN4 deploys more troops into Texas*

*S4nT4 4NN4 deploys more troops into Texas*

T3X: r u done?

S4nT4 4NN4: stfu u n00b

*S4nT4 4NN4 deploys more troops into Texas*

*S4nT4 4NN4 deploys more troops into Texas*

*S4nT4 4NN4 deploys more troops into Texas*

T3X: alrite, th4t'z it

*T3X takes a cannon from Mexican militia*

S4nT4 4NN4: wtf? giv th4t b4k

T3X: c0m & t3ke it

S4nT4 4NN4: w4t a n00b

*S4nT4 4NN4 has disbanded all Mexican militias*

War Begins[edit]

*StevyB0i has entered the game*

StevyB0i: wut^

T3X: just pwnin sum M3xic4ns

StevyB0i: ur such a n00b

*StevyB0i has joined T3X*

S4nT4 4NN4: wtf?!?!?!

*Kurnul D0m1ng0 has entered the game*

Kurnul D0m1ng0: T3X, give that cannon back to the Mexicans (I'm a major n00b I know)

T3X: No, u suk

**Kurnul D0m1ng0 has joined S4nT4 4NN4*

StevyB0i: wtf?!? u n00b

*C4st4ñÁd4 has entered the game*

*C4st4ñÁd4 has joined S4nT4 4NN4*

*C4st4ñÁd4 has sent 100 dragoons to recover the cannon*

StevyB0i: how m4ni ppl r g4rdin the can4n?

T3X: 18

*StevyB0i has buried the cannon and called for militia*

*S4nT4_4NN4_SUX has entered the game*

*S4nT4_4NN4_SUX has joined T3X*

*S4nT4_4NN4_SUX has struck C4st4ñÁd4*

*0 damage to C4st4ñÁd4*

C4st4ñÁd4: u suk S4nT4_4NN4_SUX

*C4st4ñÁd4 has struck S4nT4_4NN4_SUX*

*1 damage to S4nT4_4NN4_SUX*

S4nT4_4NN4_SUX: u suk, u shud join us

C4st4ñÁd4: f u

*S4nT4_4NN4_SUX has unburied the cannon*

*S4nT4_4NN4_SUX has struck C4st4ñÁd4*

*C4st4ñÁd4 has fled to San Antonio*

S4nT4_4NN4_SUX: pwn3d!

S4nT4 4NN4: u n00b! u suk!!!

S4nT4 4NN4: ur fired

*C4stñÁd4 has left the game*

Early Fighting[edit]

*StevyB0i has attacked Bexar*

StevyB0i: w8 4 Gen. C0s to stRv

S4nT4_4NN4_SUX: thiz sux, im out

*S4nT4_4NN4_SUX has left the game*

StevyB0i: wtf?!?! n00b

T3X: biotch

T3X: alrite d00d, wuts our str4t3g again?

StevyB0i: d00d, we w8 til they're stRvd out then crush em u n00b

T3X: thiz sux. y r we 3ven f1ghtn anyway?

*StevyB0i has slapped T3X*

T3X: wut was that 4?

StevyB0i: stfu u n00b

JimmyB0i: thiz sux i quit

*JimmyB0i has resigned and gone to Gonzales*

T3X: wtf JimmyB0i?!?

JimmyB0i: StevyB0i, u suk and T3X, ur a n00b

*General Cos has been captured by T3X*

*StevyB0i has taken Bexar*

*96 damage to General Cos' Army. A critical hit*

*General Cos' Army has left the game*

*M3xím4n has entered the game*

M3xím4n: wut^

*M3xím4n has joined StevyB0i*

*M3xím4n has attacked Tampico, Mexico*

*17 damage to Tampico. 74 damage to M3xím4n. A critical hit*

M3xím4n: crap

*M3xím4n has left the game*

S4nT4 4NN4: pwn3ed!!! wut now?!? u st0pid Texans

The Mexicans Strike Back[edit]

*C0s but n0 c3g4r has escaped*

C0s but n0 c3g4r: Bex4r has b33n t4kn. T3x4n rebels hav 4lso b-ten us @ Goliad, & @ wut is nown 4s da Grass Fight.

S4nT4 4NN4: u suk C0s. 1'll crush th3s rebels 1nce & 4 all

*The Mexican Army has moved out from San Luis Potosí*

S4nT4 4NN4: whoa, thiz wether sux

*Yo momma o da Nature has struck S4nT4 4NN4*

*68 damage to S4nT4 4NN4*

S4nT4 4NN4: Yo, T3X, im coming 4 u!!!


The Alamo[edit]

*Willi has entered the game*

Willi: d00d, y'all n33d sum hlpz?

T3X: fX YA!!! [email protected][email protected]

*Willi has joined T3X*

JimmyB0i: nobudy startz thiz w/o me

*JimmyB01 has rejoined T3X*

*DavyB0i has entered the game*

StevyB0i: wtf?? quit st3lin my name u n00bs

*DavyB0i has joined T3X*

S4nT4 4NN4: l3tz crush th3z n00bs

*S4nT4 4NN4 has attacked the Alamo*

Willi: o no u [email protected]!!!!!!

*28 damage to S4nT4 4NN4*

S4nT4 4NN4: crap...

S4nT4 4NN4: w3 n33d a new pl4n!

*S4nT4 4NN4 has begun to lay siege to the Alamo*

Willi: d00d StevyB0i, we n33d hlp

StevyB0i: srry, cannot hlp, cannot br3k thr0 da Mexican Army


*georgy has joined Willi*

Willi: Hallelujah!!!

S4nT4 4NN4: wtf??? h0w did u br4k thr0 our l1nz?

georgy: i hav my wayz ^_^

georgy: i only hav 183 or 189 men th0, I can't read the # itz 2 small, but itz a Pl4t00n....

Willi: thatz ok :/

S4nT4 4NN4: thatz it, letz end thiz CENSORED*

*S4nT4 4NN4 has broke through!!*

S4nT4 4NN4: ¡¡¡Èl Degüello!!!

Willi: wtf?!?

Willi: no [email protected]!!!

DavyB0i: thatz rite :D

*S4nT4 4NN4 has struck Willi

*74 damage to Willi. A critical hit*

*S4nT4 4NN4 has killed Willi*


DavyB0i: lol, ur juzt a lil pottymouth 2day rnt ya?

Willi: peace out

*S4nT4 4NN4 has struck JimmyB0i*

*80 damage to JimmyB0i. A critical hit*

*S4nT4 4NN4 has killed JimmyB0i*

JimmyB0i: noooo!

*S4nT4 4NN4 has struck georgy*

*75 damage to georgy. A critical hit*

*S4nT4 4NN4 has killed georgy*

georgy: fuk...

T3X: d00d S4nT4 4NN4, ur killin all of my guys, cut it out plz :(

*S4nT4 4NN4 Attacks T3X at "The Alamo"!

*S4nT4 4NN4 deals 1.85 damage to T3X!

*T3X counter 80 damage back to S4nT4 4NN4!

*S4nT4 4NN4 has killed T3X*

T3X: m3 & my BIG m0uth!

*S4nT4 4NN4 has taken "The Alamo"*

*S4nT4 4NN4 no longer has a Battalion.

S4nT4 4NN4: PWN3D!!!

StevyB0i: d00d wtf??? thoz wer my best troops!!!

S4nT4 4NN4: RoFLZ!! wut now?!?!

S4nT4 4NN4: w8 wtf...was that a bug he delt 80 damage to me....and I killed him only dealing 1.85 damage... O.o

StevyB0i: LOL?!?!?!

StevyB0i: T3X was leet U n00b with a x1000 defense bonus rofl, read the defense bonuses next time n00b! XD

S4nT4 4NN4: hey, u lost ur ntire army, so whose teh n00b now CENSORED*?!?!

StevyB0i: [email protected]!!!! DavyB0i iz still alive!!! :D

*S4nT4 4NN4 has executed DavyB0i*

S4nT4 4NN4: LOL!!!! wut waz that n00b?

StevyB0i: thatz it 13itC H

*The State of Texas has officially signed a Declaration of Independence from Mexico*

S4nT4 4NN4: joo R ghey Stevy[email protected]!!

StevyB0i: sTfU n00b

S4nT4 4NN4: w8 who iz admin on dis Channel?

StevyB0i: ROFL joo r n00b

Server: *Admin Privledges transferred to StevyB0i

StevyB0i: [email protected]!!!!

S4nT4 4NN4: fuk you

Agua Dulce[edit]

*0réa has entered the game*

*0réa has joined S4nT4 4NN4*

0réa: Oye todos

S4nT4 4NN4: Oréa, levante la coasta, y busque a los rebeldes

StevyB0i: wtf???

*S4nT4_4NN4_SUX has rejoined the game*

0réa: sí general

*TheOtherGrant has entered the game*

*TheOtherGran has joined StevyB0i*

TheOtherGrant: What's up. How is everyone? (I'm the most major n00b in the world. Don't make fun of me!)

0réa ¿¿¿qem???

StevyB0i: TheOtherGrant & S4nT4_4NN4_SUX, go get some horses for the army

TheOtherGrant: Right away sir.

0réa: ¡perfecto!

*0réa has struck TheOtherGrant*

TheOtherGrant: CENSORED*, I'm out of here!

S4nT4_4NN4_SUX: wtf?? wher r u goin? ill fite em off

*0réa has struck S4nT4_4NN4_SUX*

*40 damage to S4nT4_4NN4_SUX*

S4nT4_4NN4_SUX: holy CENSORED*!!!

0réa: ¡consiga jaime grant!

TheOtherGrant: crap

TheOtherGrant: You won't take me alive!

*0réa has struck TheOtherGrant*

*17 damage to TheOtherGrant*

0réa: su bueno

*24 damage to 0réa*

0réa: ¡tome esto!

*27 damage to TheOtherGrant*

*19 damage to 0réa*

0réa: y esto

*26 damage to TheOtherGrant*

*0réa has killed TheOtherGrant*

0réa: ¡poseído!


The Goliad Campaign[edit]

*0réa has attacked Frank Johnson and Robert Morris at San Patricio*

*0réa has defeated Texan forces at San Patricio*

*Fannin_T3X4S has entered the game*

*Fannin_T3X4S has joined StevyB0i*

StevyB0i: u can tak command of our force in Goliad

Fannin_T3X4S: of corse

*da_Butler_King has entered the game and joined StevyB0i*

Fannin_T3X4S: d00d, da_Butler_King, go & w4rn da ppl of Refugio ab0ut 0réa

*W4RD has entered the game*

da_Butler_King: yessir

*W4RD has joined StevyB0i*

*0réa has attacked da_Butler_King outside of Refugio*

da_Butler_King: d00d Fannin_T3X4S, i n33d sum help man

Fannin_T3X4S: W4RD, go sav him

W4RD: yessir

0réa: ¡tiempo a peseído los nuevos

*0réa has struck da_Butler_King and W4RD*

*18 damage to da_Butler_King*

*17 damage to W4RD*

W4RD: d00d, were runnin out of ammo

da_Butler_King: alrite, u got us

*0réa has won the Battle of Refugio*

0réa: ejecútese ellos

W4RD: wtf???

*0réa has struck da_Butler_King*

*59 damage to da_Butler_King. A critical hit*

*0réa has killed da_Butler_King*

*0réa has struck W4RD*

*67 damage to W4RD. A critical hit*

*0réa has killed W4RD*

S4nT4 4NN4: u rok 0réa!

*Sam has entered the game*

*Sam has taken over command of the Texan Army*

StevyB0i: peace out

*StevyB0i has left the game*

Sam: Fannin_T3X4S, abandon Goliad & go to da Guadalupe River

Fannin_T3X4S: ok

*0réa has attacked Fannin_T3X4S at the Coleto Creek*

Fannin_T3X4S: CENSORED, hes encircled us

*0réa has struck Fannin_T3X4S*

*69 damage to Fannin_T3X4S. A critical hit*

*90 damage 0réa. A critical hit*

*0réa has received 100 troops and 3 cannons reinforcement*

Fannin_T3X4S: CENSORED. i cannot win. i surrender

0réa: ¡sí!

S4nT4 4NN4: mate a todos los extranjeros rebellious

0réa: con placer, general

Fannin_T3X4S: wut did u say?

S4nT4 4NN4: i said "kill all rebelious foreigners"

Fanin_T3X4S: crap

*0réa has killed Fannin_T3X4S*

Sam: crap

The Final Battle[edit]

Sam: w3 cannot beet em in da open

*T3X has reentered the game and has joined Sam*

S4nT4 4NN4: wtf?? you died

T3X: so?

Sam: w3lcum bak. w3 must r3tr3t to da u.s. border

*Settlers have joined Sam in his retreat*

Sam: burn yur cr0ps

*Settlers have burned crops, denying the Mexicans of much needed food*

S4nT4 4NN4: biotch!

S4nT4 4NN4: get 2 Gavelston.....ándale!

T3X: nows our chance, lets attack'em :D

Sam: no dont...eh, wut da hell

*The Mexicans and Texan Rebel armies have engaged at the San Jacinto River*

S4nT4 4NN4: C0s but n0 c3g4r, get ther, now

C0s but n0 c3g4r: Sí señor

*Mexicans receive 540 reinforcements from C0s but n0 c3g4r*

T3X: wtf??? that wuz qwik!

T3X: d00d, Sam, w3 hav got 2 attak

S4nT4 4NN4: guyz, u can tak a br34k

S4nT4 4NN4: dem nubs not gonna touch us anywayz

T3X: Mr. Houston w3 hav got 2 attak now!!!1!

Sam: no, wait

T3X: general, da nemy is tird frum tehir march. w3 must strike now!!!

Sam: ok, just 2 shut u up, u can attak alredy ffs!

T3X: [email protected][email protected]!!!!!!!111!!

*Sam has struck C0s but n0 c3g4r*

*12 damage to C0s but n0 c3g4r*

C0s but n0 c3g4r: [email protected]!!!

C0s but n0 c3g4r: S4nT4 4NN4 im under attack d00d!!1

*21 damage to C0s but n0 c3g4r*

*4 damage to Sam*

C0s but n0 c3g4r: S4nT4 4NN4 these nubs are cheeting!!!

*T3X: /Enter Cheat: Remember the Alamo!!!!*

*T3X Receives +1 morale boost to all troops.*

*T3X Unlocks Bunny Hopping*

C0s but n0 c3g4r: GAH!!! they're fukin BunNy [email protected]!!

*46 damage to C0s but n0 c3g4r

*5 damage to Sam*

Sam: ROFL ur weak nub

S4nT4 4NN4: wtf?!?!?!

S4nT4 4NN4: RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T3X: o no u dont!

*T3X has captured S4nT4 4NN4*

S4nT4 4NN4: fine...you win >_<

0réa: ¡¿qué?!

S4nT4 4NN4: o go bak home w da rest o us

*Texas has won the game!*

Texas: WEWT!!!!!!!!!! u nubs $uxX0RZ!!!


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