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“I love the episode where the Raven (having been framed by the Jews) almost drowns itself in the bird bath.”

~ Mel Gibson on That's so Raven

“Come on, she's black, she's psychic and she's fat. It's hard being like her. Giver her a break.”

~ Perez Hilton on That's so Raven

“Hahaha! That IS so Raven!”

~ Stan Smith on That's so Raven

“She's soo loose ”

~ Average Black Male on That's so Raven

Set in Baltimore, That's so Raven is a popular american wildlife documentary broadcast on the Disney Channel. The plot revolves around a common Raven behaving typically.

Story Structure[edit]

The Raven would often spend it's wednesdays perched on it's nest looking for communists.

Each episode is broken up into different segments as the Raven or other birds of prey deal with real life situations, such as molting, racial predjudice, crippling depression. The focus of the show is the Raven and it's day to day habits although on certain occasions the focus of an episode will switch to a neighboring sparrow or occasionally a finch. Although in one of the episodes the Raven was eating a sandwich the whole time.

Social Issues, Football Jokes[edit]

That's So Raven deals with many social issues in today's societies through the raven. Racism is constantly touched on. The Ravens are usually treated like second-class citizens by all Seagulls. One memorable episode dealt with the group of ravens accepting the newest raven in town into the group. At the end of the episode, the new raven is revealed to be a Seagull covered in oil. The Seagull precedes to peck out the eyes of the Raven's leader.

The most notable show of racism was found in the episode titled "Hurricane Isabel." In this episode, most of the city birds were leaving before the hurricane hit the city. Whenever new birds joined the group leaving the city, the ravens were always forced into the back of the flock, along with the crows, to make room for the other birds.

Much of the show features the dog-eat-dog mentality of today's society, as shown by the raven's yearly fights with its top rivals, all of which are cleverly disguised football jokes... did I say that out loud?:

Sure, you can feel sorry for it, but its kind of a bastard.
  • The "Steel Men from the North," represented by their steel helmets, are constantly trying to shoot the ravens for some unexplained reason. Their leader is a man simply known as "Big Ben".
  • The ferocious Bengal Tiger of Ohio, which boasts superior offensive skills, but forgets to defend itself.
  • The ugly brown bulldogs, who were friendly with the ravens, until they abandoned the bulldogs, and left for Baltimore.
  • Occasionally the nearby Native Americans will come to Baltimore from Washington DC to attack the ravens. Luckily for the ravens, the Native American's usually set such an excrutiatingly slow pace, that the ravens end up escaping their clutches.

These contests were usually brutal. Some years the ravens came out on top, but some years they were nearly wiped out by the others. In recent years, the Steel men of the north have been eating a mysterious burger that has given them much strength. The ravens have yet to figure out how to combat this.

Popular Episodes[edit]

  • "Choking! Not Joking!" - The Raven mistakes a Pepsi bottle-cap for a blue beetle and almost dies of internal bleeding.
  • "Battle of the Corn" - The Raven viciously attacks a house martin after it steals some of the Raven's corn, the newly blinded house martin stumbles into catflap. This character does not return.
  • "Driven to Insanity" - The Raven accidentally flies head first into the windscreen of a Hillbilly's truck. The Raven loses it's right leg and approximately a quarter of it's blood.
  • "Four's a Crowd" - The Raven successfully mates and produces 4 offspring, all of which die due to the low food levels caused by the deforestation of the area. The Raven is nearly driven insane with grief.
  • "One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest" - The Raven is attacked by a Turkish Cuckoo during it's migration, The Raven becomes infected with bird flu and endures a long and inhumane death.
  • "Resident Weevil" - The Raven is circumcised by a group of weevils while sleeping, and sets out for a gruesome but satisfying revenge.
  • "Voodoo Futures" - In this episode Raven finds out she can see into the future, so she anticipates every piece of food a human drops.